Dosha Trio

Dosha Trio

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Sample all three Dosha / Body Type Oils in this mini Dosha Trio Bundle. Perfect to balance your mood at any given time, this Trio is perfect as a gift or as a sampling for yourself before you pick the Dosha oil that works best for you. 

Each oil represents a different basic prakriti, or nature, and can be used depending on how you're feeling or what you'd like to balance. Daily Oil Massage, called Abhyanga in Ayurveda, is recommended for skin health, better quality sleep, improving the senses, grounding, as a meditation practice and for overall wellness.

Vata nature likes grounding, calming, and nourishing. Click to see the Vata Oil here.

Pitta nature likes cooling, calming, and healing. Click to see the Pitta Oil here.

Kapha nature likes stimulation, circulation, and energy. Click to see the Kapha Oil here.

One of each of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha oils are included and come in 0.5 oz amber glass bottles. The trio comes in a burlap storage baggie.

*Also available in 1oz and 2oz sizes as a trio set. Please select your size preference.*

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To use: Massage a small amount of oil on skin 30min before a bath and allow to soak in for a skin detox, or use after a bath in place of moisturizers and lotions for skin hydration. Please use topically. 

Ayurvedic body oil massage is essential for skin wellness as oils have the closest biochemical structure to our skin, and therefore permeate all seven skin layers to provide vital nutrients, improve skin function, and delight the senses. Abhyangha, or Daily oil massage, is essential for skin radiance, for proper skin hydration and for skin detoxification. This ancient ritual is an important daily practice for grounding, skin health, focus, proper balance, and restful sleep.

The skin is our largest organ. It breathes, eats, drinks, and needs attention. Everything we put onto our skin gets directly absorbed into our system and affects you.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels on your beauty products, lotions, shampoos, and such? Do you know what all of those ingredients are, or what they do inside of your body? Sometimes our body doesn't recognize lab made chemicals and it doesn't know what to do with them. They get stored as toxins, mostly in our fat, but sometimes in our organs, causing imbalances and making us sick.

My idea is that anything you put onto your skin should be something you are willing to eat or drink. My formulations are created with this philosophy in mind. The ingredients I choose are simple, clean, organic and easy on the body, while being highly nourishing and effective.

Wellness should be simple, and so should your ingredients.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. This product is for use at your own discretion.