I use Wellness by Helen's medicinal oils and tinctures exclusively in my acupuncture and massage clinic, Acu Temps. The oils are particularly my favorite. They have amazing properties and smell divine. I also have been prescribing her tinctures for different ailments, with great results. My patients are having fantastic results! Highly recommend everyone to use her products. 

Helen and I also confer when we come across slightly more difficult patients and between Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, we always figure out a solution! She's very knowledgable and easy to discussion cases with.












It is evident that you put a lot of love and thought into your products and I know that once people try them, they will be hooked. Your brand deserves all the recognition.

Helen is as knowledgeable as it gets. She puts 110% into everything she does, and that includes her dedication to her practice and clients. I worked with her first hand on getting my diet and life back into balance after a life event through me "out-of-whack." She took the time to get to know me and ALL of my habits, the good and the bad ones. She corrected me when it was necessary and gave me tools that I'll be able to apply to my life choices for the rest of years. She is warm, friendly, and her nurturing hands are what truly sets her apart from the rest. She's not just an amazing aryuvedic practioner, but a wonderful human as well. You will NOT be disappointed if you choose to render her services.

Hi Helen!!! Thank you SO much for fulfilling my order so quickly and with the extra pitta goodies! I'm so overjoyed with my entire order! I'm using the oil on my face (I was just about out of my ghee so it came just in time) and I have faith that it will be just as perfect on my skin. My skin is looking SO much better since only using Dr. Bronner's soap and your ghee on my acne, it's insane. Nothing else works except for that! And now I can do the mask every week and use the pitta oil. I've been researching the doshas and it seems as if pitta is pretty fitting so I'm trying to stock up with your goodies because I trust your brand and your expertise. 
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you! I'm a lifetime buyer!


I have actually been in Helen's herb room as she was working on a blend, and I can attest that what goes in those bottles is pure goodness--made in small batches with love and utmost care. Helen is passionate about Ayurveda and natural wellness, but what I really appreciate about her practice is that she understands that balance depends on the person. She listened to what I was going through and was kind enough to make me a custom blend--a DIVINE spirit-lifting essential oil spray. I have also tried her wonderfully subtle, sage-infused "Rise" perfume oil. 

If you're like me and believe that a touch of the maker's soul inherently goes into these concoctions (much like how you can taste the love in your mom's cooking), you'll be getting a little of Helen's adventurous and nurturing energy that radiates from this girl. I can't wait to try some of her other products.



















Helen is a genuine, generous, gem of a human being.  I was having serious issues with dry skin and she saved me with the 100X Washed Rosewater Ghee.  That stuff is legit!  I keep it in my purse and car because I'm nutso for it.  She also prescribed her herbal face mask and not only do I love it, but so does my husband.  

I'm so thankful to have met Helen and had the opportunity to work closely with her.  I trust her 100% and she only prescribes what she truly feels you need.  She never makes me feel rushed to finish a conversation nor pressured to buy things I don't want.  I would and do recommend her to everyone I know for their Ayurvedic and Nutritional needs.

Helen is the real deal! She has such a breadth of education in the wellness arena and a level of compassion that one needs to have in order to guide others to their healthiest self. I highly recommend Helen for your wellness needs.  Her custom oils are fabulous! I Love mine.

I was never really interested in nutrition and always took feeling well for granted. Thanks to Helen that all changed. She helped me understand and experience what feeling well means and how nutrition plays a huge role. She is incredibly knowledgeable, very passionate about what she does and she has the ability and patience to make me understand how my body works and what it needs. She tailors her work to the individual which is incredible because everybody is different and it ensures best results. I highly recommend Helen as she has had a profound impact on my wellbeing.

A friend of mine gave me Helen's Lavender Coconut Body Oil as a gift, knowing my weeeee obsession with the little purple buds of loveliness. Telling you: better than sippin' on pinot next to a nakie mansauce. My springtime allergies have taken on a really cool new "itchy-ass epidermis" symptom and when I slather on the oil you can hear my skin bellow, "Whammmmyyy..." with instant relief. And, to boot, I smell scrumptious. I really appreciate a product that shows obvious love and passion behind it's creation, all while showcasing her natural talent for healing. Thanks, Helen! Get 'em, girl!