Are Iced Beverages Healthy?

Your belly’s internal fire is what preps anything you eat or drink for digestion. The stronger the fire, the more efficiently you’ll absorb and transform your bevs or food into nutrients, tissues & ultimately into energy.
Drinking with your meals dilutes this fire significantly, but drinking iced beverages with your meal puts the fire out completely. 
What does this mean in terms of your health?

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Fall Veggies Shopping Guide

Eating in season is extremely important for balance because you live on this planet, and nature always provides everything we need for health. Your body knows your geo location and it understands weather changes, so to adapt quickly, choose what is locally and readily available around you. Carrots just came back into season for Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but what else is growing in season that you should pay attention to?

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Is Food Coloring Toxic?

Remember that time you licked a purple lolly pop and it turned your tongue purple? This same dye also got into your soft tissues, making everything internal purple and creating new proteins your body may not have recognized. This may have creating food reactions, food sensitivities and even turned on an autoimmune response. Food dye is everywhere. So what can you do? And how can you heal your system if you are exposed to it?

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Balancing Your Moon Cycles

When you are stressed, your body responds by sending you a rush of extra hormones that give you energy, keep you focused and help you get through your day. Daily stresses can push our system and this constant equilibrium of stress to extra hormones gets us through the day, but it does imbalance your system, creating changes to your female cycle. What can you do to balance naturally?

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What is in Tincture?

The best medium for your herb depends on what you are trying to accomplish, what tissue you are targeting, the strength of your digestion, your dosha, prakriti and vikriti (balanced nature and imbalanced nature) and it is important to consider all of these in order to achieve the best results from your herbs. What role do tinctures play?

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Eggs & Easter

Eggs symbolize new life and new beginnings, which is why they are traditionally used for Easter and to represent Spring. They were formally forbidden during the Lenten season, so people would decorate and paint them to mark the end of the period of penance and fasting, enjoying them on Easter as a celebration! They are also incredibly nutritious. 

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