A Proper Face [Mask]

Attention Ladies! Gents! Pets! Peeps!

We all crave a young, clean, radiant complexion. We go as far as to buy the most expensive products and try the craziest remedies, like putting mud, clay, fruit, herbs, sugar, honey, oils, all kinds of pastes and even chemicals (yikes!) on our faces hoping to emerge fresh and rejuvenated.

Sometimes though… we get distracted. We go do the dishes (like me), we watch a movie, we fall asleep, or we simply wait too long, and our mask dries.


A dry face mask can increase wrinkles and lead to earlier aging.

A dry face mask can increase wrinkles and lead to earlier aging.

Letting your mask dry is a huge no-no because it counteracts what you are trying to achieve. It actually creates more wrinkles, more dryness, and can really irritate your skin, leading to redness, pain, early aging, and possibly breakouts or scarring.

Instead, keep your face packs moist by re-wetting, or opt for a juicier version without harsh muds or clays that will dry quickly.  Make sure to check the suggested time for your mask, but listen to your body and pay attention to how your skin is feeling. If it is getting dry, if it tingles, it it hurts, or if it just plain doesn’t feel good, get it off! If you are working on checking your oily complexion, there are plenty of other options that aren’t so harsh- like honey for example, which is drying and toning, but stays moist and has huge enzyme benefits for the skin. Or, simply slap on a thicker layer to get the muddy benefits without the quick drying.

                                          A moist mask is much better!

                                          A moist mask is much better!

A few simple mask ideas:

-Raw honey. Slather on for 30min, rinse with warm water.

-Papaya peel. Eat the papaya, wipe the rind across your face, rinse 30min later.

-Make a paste with Almond flour and a lemon squeeze, spread, relax until right before it dries.

Stay moist to get the most out of your mask. And if you do dry out, immediately wash the mask off and moisturize with a nutrient rich oil or a special washed ghee like this one.

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