Being Yourself

Do not waste time comparing yourself to anyone else.

Everyone is walking along on their own journey, and no one’s life is “better” or “worse” than anyone else’s…our paths are all just different. You have no idea what goes on in anyone else’s hearts, what their struggles are, or even how they are experiencing this world. Everyone lives in their own world, figuratively and literally. We are all given only what we can handle, and we are simply doing our best and choosing the best in every moment for ourselves. We are all on our own paths, looking at our worlds with our own eyes, filtering our experiences through our own lenses. Someone’s path may seem easier or better than yours, but that is only an ILLUSION.

Show up as who YOU really are. Focus on YOU. Do YOUR best.

Your best will change from day to day, and that is perfectly ok. There is always another opportunity in the next moment to choose differently, to be stronger, to love yourself more. I for one choose to look at it as a compliment from the universe that I have faced a few difficult circumstances in my life, because I have had to figure out how to survive within whatever was going on. I have grown and I have found the strength to make myself better because of the things that have come to me. Had I compared myself to anyone else, I would have lost some of the lessons and some of the perfection that was trying to come into my life. Nothing is ever “easy.” And we all know deep down that that’s not the point of life anyway. There is always perfection in the seemingly imperfect, you just have to want to see it. I am grateful for my journey- it has been a great teacher, and you should be for yours too.

Perspective is a choice. Everything serves a purpose. Everything.


You cannot grow unless you are uncomfortable. An uncomfortable moment is an opportunity for growth. Sit with it long enough, endure the pinch, breathe deeply..and soon the uncomfortable starts to feel a little more comfortable. That right there -that moment- THAT is growth. That is the space from where your inner magic starts to unfold.

Therefore, do not compare yourself with anyone else. There is no point in that, not only because everyone’s path is very different, but more importantly because it will not make you feel stronger, but it WILL make you feel weaker. You will be giving up your power to that idea or that unattainable image you see that you feel is better than you.

You will be forgetting who YOU are in the moment you look to someone or something else as a form of validation.

Forgetting who you are is the fastest way to unhappiness.

Who you are is who you are, and you are really wonderful! (Do you realize there are people who compare themselves to you and wish to be more like YOU!)


But …if you are not feeling your best, find the strength within yourself to change the things you feel could be better, to love yourself for the things you are happy with, and to forgive yourself for those circumstances which you can’t do anything about. Find your inner power and choose to see your blessings in everything you have been given. EVERYTHING.

Gratitude is the fastest way to happiness. 

It only serves you to look at yourself, and yourself alone.
How far have you come in one year? Who have you become since last month? What are you doing differently today that you weren’t doing last week? What are you choosing for yourself today that you hadn’t had the courage to choose before? Are you showing up everyday as who you really want to be? What are you going to do next?

The only comparison you should be making, is with yourself. Hold yourself accountable for you, and no one else. THAT is how you grow, THAT is how YOU (and only you) become better. That is where you will find your highest satisfaction.

We all create our own happiness. We create our own definitions, and we create the outlook from which we see our own worlds. We can live in a happy place, or in a crappy place… It is a choice. There is no one else like you walking this earth, and you are so special because of it. And if you think about it, if we all became like each other, that wouldn’t be a very interesting world to live in. Do not wish to be anything you are not… you have gifts and magic that only you bring to this world. Embrace it. Express it. Share it.

We want to see who you really are, and we want to love you for it!


After all…