Do Something Different

Life, in theory, is supposed to be amazing. And it can be pretty amazing, except for when isn't.

Why does it stink sometimes? And badly? 
Why is it that we stop “feeling alive?”
 Things sometimes start to feel a slight bit routine, get a little boring, and make us feel like we aren't moving forward.Sometimes life just stinks. But who said it has to?

The fastest way out of a rut is to Do something different. 

A friend told me to do this once when I was in a funk, and I have to say, I was a little bothered that I had to go out of my way and lift a finger to get myself out of ‘said’ funk. I was actually annoyed to be told to think about what my actions were creating… Doesn’t life just happen? Things just happen right? 
 What do you mean I create my life? Who, me?
 Im responsible for my life?

YES. Absolutely. You create your life. yes YOU. On the daily. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. This is your life. Sounds a bit silly to be actively choosing to stay bummed when you put it that way, but we do it, and we do it a lot. Over and over again we do it, and we wonder why we aren’t happy. Once upon a time I myself wasn’t so hunky dory-pro happiness-do whatever it takes to make every moment count- conscious minded either. The entire universe did revolve around me, at least I thought it did, but as soon as I realized I was in control and how powerful I actually was [and that I was choosing to stand in my own way,] things shifted. FAST. I trusted, I believed, I picked myself up, and went outside in search how I could turn this ship around. 

I remembered that perception is everything.
If you change the way you look at something, the thing you are looking at, changes.

Something magical starts to happen inside of you when you decide to do something different, and even more so when you decide to do something different every day; to take a step outside of yourself, no matter how big or how small. And as soon as you feel better, you naturally want to make others feel better. That's when things get really good.
Brew a delicious tea and go for an early morning walk.
Write a handwritten thank you note.
Sign up and go to a yoga / pilates / spin / swim / tennis / painting / cooking / something class.
Plant a tree.
Buy a hoola-hoop.
Take a candle-lit shower or bath.
Move five objects in your home around to completely new places.
Visit an ethnic market you’ve never been to before and buy a new ingredient to make dinner with, or go to dinner, by yourself.
Or do that thing you are terrified of doing!
Look up an exotic destination you’ve always wanted to visit and start a savings account to help you get there.
Paint something a new bright bold color like tangerine, turquoise, bright pink or lime green- a chair, picture frame, wall, your wooden serving spoons, etc.
Invent a new cocktail, give it an outrageous name, and throw a party to unveil it.
Attend the service of a different religion.
Buy yourself a new water canister and vow to drink more water.
Listen to an audio book while cleaning the house or doing the dishes.
Decide to look for an opportunity to make a moment in you day about someone else
(Insert the whole ‘the world does not revolve around me idea’ here)

This one is a good one. Doing something for someone else can start with a compliment here, holding the door there, the leaving of a little note, the buying of an unexpected little something extra for someone… it is fun to do things for those you love, but
 to give love to those you dont know feels even better

When you make your life about giving, thing start to shift, quickly. The universe is constantly responding to your energy and to the energy you put out there. If you "want," you get more "want" because this is what you are putting out there. If you give, you are "given," because the underlying message you are telling the uni is that you have enough to you get more. 
Give more + radiating good energy = Snowballs of goodness come your way. 
By the bucket loads.

Easy, breezy.

People will notice your good energy generous nature too, and they will want to be around you. People who give are just happier in general, and who doesn't like to be around happy people?

It feels really good to make your life about others, to make your day about making someone else’s day, to make your life about giving. 
It's a total game changer.

Give instead of take, and your whole life will change in an instant.
You will also find yourself smiling a lot more, often times, for no reason at all.
You might even glow.
You will start to see how you can contribute to society. You will learn a bit more about who you are, about who you want to be, about where you want to go, about which direction you’re headed in, and about how you want to get there. You will develop better character. You will start to glow. And other people will start to see this glow, and they start to want some glow too. Yes, all of that will actually happen. When you start to take a closer look at your capacity for giving to others, you get a little closer to being more you. You start to find yourself. And you might even start to like yourself, as opposed to the feeling blue and bummy you that you used to be. Life will get very, very interesting, and a lot more fun.
Life get's a little lighter when it's not all about you.
Here are a few “do something different” thoughts and “do a good deed” ideas in case you're coming up short: 
Take a walk down the street and put any loose change in people’s meters.
Buy a good friend flowers and send them to their work.
Leave a thoughtful note for someone telling them how important they are to you.
Volunteer to read to children.
Surprise someone you love three times in one day.
Send flowers to the mother of someone you love and thank her for raising such a wonderful human being.
Sing a song to a friend on their voicemail.
Compliment a stranger at every stop you make while running errands.
Forgive someone.
Take a picture of a beautiful sunset, say a prayer for someone that you know needs it, frame the picture, and send it to them.
Bake cupcakes, pass them out to your coworkers, and thank them for their hard work.
Hand write a letter to someone… just to say Hello!
Walk up to someone that looks like they need a hug, and give it to them.
Say a prayer with a homeless person asking for abundance to come their way.

If you want to find yourself, set out to do something different every day.
If you want to find a little more meaning to your life, Give.

It works. Trust me.