The Speed of Light


Light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second. In the time it takes you to snap your fingers, light has traveled around the earth 7 times. It travels ten million-million kilometers in one year, so as a measure of distance, that means ten million-million km is one light year, and one light year is the distance we use to measure the universe. The speed of light is the speed limit of the universe, built into the very fabric of space and time itself. We also use this to measure time.

We have all had a thought, a prayer, a hope, a “coincidence” that has manifested its way into our lives. The ‘I was just thinking of you when you called me’ moment or the ‘perfect timing’ moments we have all experienced are not coincidences at all, really. We are all woven from the same material, made from the same universal goo of atoms and energy, and we all share in this same space. If we are, therefore, made of the same anatomical stuff, live by the same physics rules, and share the same space as the universe around us…have you ever stopped for a moment to think about what exactly your contribution to this shared space is? About the energetic vibration you are sending out? About the energy you are putting onto others?
We know the speed of the universe is the speed of light and essentially the same speed as your thoughts, since we are in fact electrical beings who’s thoughts are nothing more than an exchange of negative ions and electrical currents swirling around in our minds. It is with this very same speed of light that your thoughts are being sent out into the universe.

Stop and think about that one for a minute.

The universe is going to do what you tell it to do, because it is going to show you and mirror the experience you expect to have for yourself. (What!?)
We see what we want to see, essentially, because we only have our senses to filter whatever it is that we are perceiving, and how we experience ANYTHING is 100% a choice, 100% of the time. We all know, as adults, that we always have a choice. (despite whether or not we may like our choices.)  (Did you forget? Or are you just pretending to not know…)

What then, are you manifesting for yourself? Are you sending out love, or are you sending out hate? Are you standing in your own way? Or are you making things happen? Are you acting as a source of light for others, or are you spreading your darkness?

Our thoughts create our reality, and your life is a direct mirror of your thoughts, because they are simply YOUR vibrational frequency that the universe is responding to (and that is showing up as your own reality.) 

They are the wavelengths you send out into the world declaring who you are.

Those thoughts you are sending out into the world- they are powerful. And they travel fast. They affect you, your cells, your tissues, they affect those around you, and they contribute to a collective consciousness. They create your life, and your disease. You are in control. And this should not scare you, it should EMPOWER you.

If there is anything you would like to manifest into your life, the fastest way to do it is to align yourself with your own truth, with who you feel you really are, and to get really clear on what it is you want. (Insert meditation here.)
This is not new information. Light travels so fast, and so do our thoughts. Why then, are so many of us sabotaging our own happiness at light speeds for no good reason, when ultimately we all say we “struggle” to be happy. The truth is, nobody controls that but us, and the only thing we are at war with, is ourselves. We struggle because we don’t truly understand how all of this energy universe manifesting vibration mumbo jumbo works. We have the capability to shift our realities, our experiences, our feelings, everything-with a simple change in thought, in one light speed instant.

In one instant, your life can look, feel, and be completely different.

With this shift in perspective comes an understanding that ultimately, whatever it is you are experiencing- happy, sad, frustrated, anxious, annoyed, overjoyed, excited, angry- you can control it, and you are essentially doing it to yourself. You choose to be happy, sad, frustrated, anxious, annoyed, overjoyed, excited, angry, whatever. And! If you are constantly feeling these things…what is it that you are constantly thinking about?

Think about it.

If you are unhappy, you can change your energy instantly by counting your blessings. Your vibrational frequency will go up in an instant and everything will look and feel different … If you feel super happy about something, you can bring yourself down in an instant by worrying about it being taken away from you. In the end-or in the beginning I should say- it all comes down to a thought.

YOU control your thoughts.

Your thoughts speak to the universe.

The universe mirrors your internal reality.

Therefore you create your reality.

The underlying thought you have about ANYTHING is what you will experience. That is huge. Its not the “I want to be happy” thought you have and are manifesting when you experience frustration… its the underlying “I dont believe I deserve to be happy” thought that you are actually sending out into the universe, and that the universe is responding to.

Dont get mad at the universe. All it did was show you what you are expressing back to yourself. This world is simply one big gigantic twinkling mirror for ourselves. If you dont like it, do something about it.

Get quiet with yourself, breathe deeply, let go of all of your bullshit, and smile. Change your underlying thoughts. Believe in yourself. Understand that the particular unique combination of anatomical goo and atoms that make up your body was no accident. You have something special to share with all of us, and it is not the negative crap you have been sending out about yourself- it is the magic inside of you that we are all waiting to experience. You are so powerful, and now that you understand how this all works, not only can you change your feelings/emotions/outlook with just a shift in thought, but it is your job to go out and inspire those you love to be powerful too. Yes, your job. It’s much more fun to be happy alongside other happy people too.

Think good thoughts.

We really are so tiny. That thing you are worried about..try letting it go and instead listening a little closer to the energy you are sending out about it. Look up. The sun isn’t even remotely the biggest star out there, some stars are so hot their light burns blue. Yet it seems so big to us. Perspective. Realizing how small you are in relation to this massive universe is a quick way to gain some perspective on life, and to maybe stop making such a big stink over things that are even smaller than you, and that you are probably powerful enough to do something about. Be bigger. Think bigger. Send out love. Give more. complain less. Do good deeds. Send out positive energy. It will come back to you ten fold, and your perspective on this world will look so much brighter too.

We are made of the same stuff as the universe, and we live by the same rules. Your thoughts travel fast, and you have the capability to CREATE fast. You can change your life in one instant if you simply realize how powerful you really are. Choose to be happy, to be love, to be a source of light for others. It is pointless to spend any of your precious time here doing anything else but that.

Go be powerful.