Anti-Inflammatory Milanesa


My family is Italian-Argentinean, so naturally milanesa is one of my favorite foods.

Milanesa is usually an egg and bread crumb recipe, of which the white flour we can do without since it is nutritionally empty. A slight substitution of almond flour makes this family favorite a little healthier. The addition of turmeric however- one of the world's most powerful anti inflammatory herbs- is what makes this meal so unique. When our bodies don't or can't properly digest our foods completely, our systems try to burn it, creating unintended inflammation that leads to imbalances which can bring us troubles. Using a wonder spice like turmeric delivers added nutrition by way of vitamins and minerals, but also makes our protein meal an opportunity for our bodies to heal. 

The Ingredients:

1 organic egg / 1 tbsp turmeric and spices / half cup to one cup almond flour / protein of choice

Beat the egg in a bowl with or without the turmeric and/or spices of your liking. Set the almond flour in a separate dish. [I added turmeric to both my egg mixture and the almond flour.]

Dip your protein of choice in the egg and drop into the almond flour, coating completely. I used white fish, but this will work with meat / chicken / tofu too.

*Vegetarians can substitute the egg for chia or flax meal. Simply mix the chia or flax flour with water and let it sit for a few minutes until a doughy consistency forms.

Bake / grill / or fry in coconut oil. Cook to your liking! Easy breezy.

*Note: I tend to recommend using ghee for cooking and frying, but ghee is not compatible with eggs in terms of digestion. Skip the ghee this time and use coconut oil instead. It has a high heat tolerance so the fatty chains don't bend during cooking, and you get the benefits of the oil as a bonus. Olive oil is acceptable too, just be sure to use the yellow filtered one, not Extra Virgin, as EVO should be used for cold preparations only.

That's it! Minimal ingredients for a healthy anti-inflammatory protein meal. Buen Provecho!