2015's Non- New Years Resolutions

This may seem a little harsh, but it is absolutely true. Comfort zones are fuzzy and cozy, but no growth can come from there and staying there too long is a totally bust.

Your greatest moments come from your greatest risk, your most difficult decisions, your biggest discomforts, your hardest conversations, from the moments that make you grow the most internally. We don't tend to look back and think "thank goodness I was comfortable" with great pride, in fact, those moments are often associated with lament. The "I should have done so and so but I was comfortable" thoughts are often times the ones we look back upon and wish we would have found a little more courage, a little less fear, a little more oomf to make an uncomfortable choice for our greater good.

We cannot stay still. We cannot let ourselves become too comfortable. We must run, jump, leap, fly, float, skip, propel and march forward in any way possible, as soon as possible, as fast as we can. Time is passing by [it's 2015 for peet's sake!!] and it stops for no one. We must be at the forefront of our lives, moving forward with intensity and intention, letting go of what no longer serves us or weighs us down. Life is too long to carry anything that doesn't light us up inside, and too short to not be lit up inside at every single moment possible.

A change is a decision. It is a commitment to YOURSELF. It is a conscious move for your own betterment and your own growth made in a moment of focus and of genuine desire to live a better, happier, fuller life. Think about yourself and where you want your life to go. Think about the things you want to manifest, and about how you can make these things happen. Make solid conscious choices to move forward for your own growth. Honor those choices and stick to them.

What better time to make a change than at New Year's? Yes, HOW CLICHE! Yet, there really is no better time. Everything and everyone is beginning anew, so let's jump on board! Life is meant to be lived..let's start living it fully, passionately, dangerously, and with conscious intention.

How about this year we vow to make NO New Years Resolutions, and to just change our lives instead? Easy breezy, zero pressure, all self love induced changes. Who really sticks to resolutions anyway? [Be honest, are you really going to go to the gym tomorrow?]

DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Do one thing or everything, but the fastest way to start over is to change something - especially something that doesn't serve you [like sleeping in or eating too many carbs] Do things that light you up inside, that make you smile big, that help you GROW, that make you feel accomplished, that make you smarter, help you breathe deeper, contribute to the community, or give you a sense of pride in yourself. Your list must be comprised of things that make you feel more you.

Here are a few simple life changers / non-resolutions / things to do differently to add to your list:

  • Read 1 new book every month [you can even get them in advance]
  • Hand write a note of gratitude to someone you value and send it to them via post
  • Volunteer at least once this year at a shelter or neighborhood school
  • Do the one thing you've been putting off doing for some time now-do it before midnight!
  • Sing out loud whenever possible
  • Vow to limit social media use to 1 hour a day [this includes business promotions]
  • Put your phone away when you are with someone else. Respect their time with you.
  • Allow things to happen instead of controlling them. Allow nature's free flow. 
  • No more looking sideways at anyone else. Compare yourself to yourself only.
  • Save money, even if its just your loose change. This small cushion will do wonders for your confidence and anxiety.
  • Drink more water. 1-2 Liters a day. Craft or buy a water bottle and carry it with you.
  • Move every day. Do something active, whether it's taking a class, purposefully parking in the last spot in the lot, or doing squats while you brush your teeth.
  • Meditate. Whatever that means to you, just DO IT.
  • Say "Thank You" at least once a day.
  • Do one thing for you, just for you, every day. A bath, a tea, a yoga pose, a face mask, anything. Something that brings you back to you and lets you spend time with yourself.
  • Call your friends on their birthdays and sing to them instead of posting on their fb page.
  • Breathe more. [conscious, deep, slow breathing.]
  • No bullshitting yourself. Follow your conscience, it'll never lie to you.
  • Do something that scares you.
  • Turn off the TV and go outside.

Make a resolution to grow into the best version of yourself as much as you can this year...may 2015 bring you exactly everything you need it to in order to feel most like yourself. May it be your best year yet!