A Note on Happiness

Sharing your light does not dim it. In fact, it will make you shine brighter. A candle's flame does not get smaller when you use it to light another candle, but you do end up with double the brightness.

Happiness it like that too.

Happiness is not ours to keep, it is ours to discover and share. 

Everyone is "chasing happiness," yet so few of us seem to "find it." Why is that? Are we looking in the wrong places, or do we unknowingly not to actually find it? Both may be true, but just like your friends tell you where to get the best pizza when you land in a new city, the things that make us the happiest are more fully enjoyed when they are shared- and this goes for how to find happiness in and of itself. We are all here to hold each other's hands on our journeys, and that includes filling others in on your secrets to the things that makes you shine your brightest.

Life is not a happiness competition.

Here's a little secret: those who learn to give happiness actually become happier themselves.  

Happy people make better decisions, are kind, giving, loving and they make this world an easier place to live in. Get happy, and tell others how you did it so that they too may find a better place inside themselves.

Be a part of spreading the light!