Perfect Fall Breakfast

As we transition into fall, the weather is only going to get colder. Cold foods + cold bevs + cold weather = all kinds of Vata / Cold imbalances like colds (duh!) and flus, aches and pains, arthritis, constipation, dry skin, allergies, anxiety, poor circulation, improper digestion, an inability to manage stress and so on.

Cooking the majority of your foods [including fruits!] gives your digestive system a break, helps reduce inflammation, increases energy, supports your body's efficiency and strengthens your immune system. Adding immune boosting spices arm you agains potential germs bringing you down this season and will further help improve your body's digestion.

Vata time of the day [2am-6am and 2pm-6pm] are the hours where we need to be especially mindful of our Vata balancing activities and foods. Getting to bed early and avoiding tv's / screens help keep nighttime Vata at bay while warm foods, warm liquids, yoga, meditation or simply taking a moment to relax is especially beneficial for Vata in the afternoon. Understanding the space coming out of the Morning Vata time is important too, since this is about the time we should be waking up in the morning. A warm, nourishing breakfast will ease you into your day grounded and balanced, and can be especially delicious now that cooler fall mornings are upon us.

Here is a recipe for the perfect Vata / Fall breakfast:

Cinnamon Apples and Organic Oatmeal
-Cook organic oatmeal in half almond milk & water (I mixed both to prevent the almond milk from burning)
-Wash and cut organic apples (apples MUST be organic)
-Simmer apples on a skillet in Ghee or Coconut Oil, adding dashes of Cinnamon and Ginger until golden brown. Option to add any other spices such as Turmeric, Fennel or Cardamom too.
-Combine in bowl and top with maple syrup and sliced almonds.

This Vata pacifying / Fall weather balancing breakfast dish is grounding, warming, easy to digest and will give you sustained energy throughout your day. It is super easy to modify too; add or subtract as you wish to make it your own. 

Enjoy! xo.