DIY: Making Medicinal Oils

The ancient lifestyle medicine of Ayurveda teaches us that abhyanga, or daily oil massage, is one of the best routines for improving your overall health.

Oil has a close chemical composition to that of our skin and is therefore easily absorbed and asimilated into the body. Oil's carrying the medicinal properties of herbs are even more healing since they impart the benefits of the herbs directly into the bloodstream while nourishing, grounding and healing our bodies. Applying oil to the skin also improves the memory, heightens the senses, dissolves insomnia, helps with chronic pain, tones the muscles and lubricates the joints.

Anything you put onto your skin is directly absorbed into your body and goes into your bloodstream. Oil application is therefore the most natural way to hydrate your skin and the most organic way to truly nourish your body from the outside.

Making a medicinal oil can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but the benefits of a high quality medicinal oil are like no other. Here is a short clip from my latest batch. Enjoy!

xo, Helen

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