Tools for Quick Stress Relief

In my first YouTube video (woo!) I wanted to address something that affects us all: Stress! It can get the best of us and a lot of the time we may not even realize how much stress we are actually carrying around with us. We don't always have time or find ourselves in a place to meditate, to get a massage, or to do the things that bring us the most relaxation, so having a few tools to bring you a moment of calm can be super beneficial to a hectic day.


I share with you my own toolbox of tricks I use in my most frazzled times. The idea is to stay prepared so that in a moment of being overwhelmed or of feeling a little off your game, you have a go-to remedy you can reach for that brings you back to yourself and help you regain focus. Loving yourself begins with being prepared each day to face what may come, and the most effective tools are usually the ones that make your life the easiest.

Stress is the absolute worst thing for your health [alongside an improper diet] and it is the very thing that will bring you the most imbalances. See my post on Learning to Meditate for more on this. The first thing to go when we get stressed is our breath, always! The body shuts down everything that is essentially "unimportant" in a moment of stress so that it can survive and make a quick decision, meaning that every small thing that happens to us during the day that is even the slightest bit stressful causes us to hold our breath. This is actually counter intuitive because oxygen fuels your cells and is needed for cell to cell communication, allowing your brain to think and function properly, yet we hold our breath when we need it the most. We can't help it! Stay prepared for these moments by keeping calming scents around you- something you can sniff, spray directly into the air or even put directly onto your skin is a clever way to remind yourself to breathe deeply and relax, allowing you to make better decisions. Breathing instantly brings you back into the present moment and allows your mind to slow down for just a second, letting you see clearly and feel a little more balanced. Another of my favorite tricks is to drop a calming herb into my water bottle. I carry Passionflower with me just in case I run into a situation where I need to stay focused and not let my emotions get the best of me; if I'm feeling brave I take it straight, but if I want more of a lasting effect I drop it into my water bottle and sip throughout the day. A tea a night time helps wind me down too and is a really lovely nighttime ritual to include before bed. 

Wellness Wednesday Episode 1. 2/11/15

Stress can get the best of us at times so it's important to stay prepared. Watch my video for my favorite quick tips on kicking stress to the curb and feeling a little more balanced.

Simple tricks like these allow us to take back control over the things that stress us the most and are just a few ways we can stay a little more balanced, naturally. Welless can be simple!

What are some of your favorite stress relief tips?