My Natural Products Expo Favorites

I attended the Natural Products Expo West this past weekend and came home with a few samples of stuff to try.

By a few, I mean A BILLION.

Three days of non stop sample collecting and I still couldn't get to all of the exhibits, but I did manage to grab plenty of goodies to play with and test out. And I am keeping true to my promise of passing along as much as of this stuff as I can to you.


All orders in the Wellness Shop in the month of March will get a variety of Natural Product Samples.

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It has been so fun to test out new products and to feel like I have a whole new beauty cabinet / shampoo collection / laundry detergent variety. I definitely hit the protein bar jackpot too.

Watch my video as I reveal some of my favorites from the expo!

Links to my picks below.

Here are the links to the companies that make the products I mentioned:

Half Pops Popcorn Snacks

Cid Botanicals Stevia Packets

SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds Snacks

Bonga's Baobab Superfood Powder

Ziggy Marley Coconut Oil

Nubian Heritage Goat's Milk Chai Body Wash

Manitoba Hemp Seeds

Lavalin Deodorant

Karma Wellness Water

Please share your favorite natural products in the comments below if there are any I/We should know about!