The BEST natural deodorant

I recently posted about my favorite products from the Natural Products Expo West that I attended. I have an update for you about one of my highlighted faves.

I am all about keeping it clean and choosing natural products that leave out toxins like aluminum, parabens, sulftites and funky things I can't pronounce, but I have to say that the all natural deo doesn't always cut it, at least for me. I tend to stay fresh for a short period of time before I notice the slight stink coming on, and it has been so frustrating to go through product after product throughout the years searching for the one that works for me. Most of the time I have to wash up several times a day and I used to be super self conscious of getting a case of BO if I was out and about. Not cute.

I finally found something that works!

It is called Lavalin and it was given to me by the manufacturers at an expo I recently attended. It took about two weeks to really start working and I could not be happier.. and by that I mean it took that long for me to realize I was forgetting to wear deodorant daily, because I didn't need it.

Lavalin is all natural and it works to de-activate the odor causing bacteria within your skin layers. It comes in a cute pot as a cream that you apply with a small wand.

You truly only need to apply it once every few days and you are good to go.



I used to shower at night, jump into bed and wake up stinky in the morning. It was such a bummer and I was constantly washing out my pitts in the sink and re applying deo before leaving the house everyday, and sometimes when I was home all day too. I have tried everything from the crystal to making my own, and pretty much every natural deo out there. [Proof under my sink]

Now I can prance around all day, work out and get sweaty, shower without re applying and can go days before I even remember to reapply- because I don't need to.

I could not be happier!

Cheers to saving money, saving time and staying fresh for days on end.

Have you tried it? Leave a comment below!