Easy Chocolate Pudding

If I can make a powerful energy snack that tastes like desert, I'm all in. This is one of the best and easiest recipes for chocolate pudding EVER. I say this with the utmost confidence because I've already made it 7,498 times.


2 tbsp  Whole Coconut Cream

1 tbsp   Almond Butter

1-2 tspn  Cocoa Powder

1/2 tspn  Maple Syrup

1/4 tspn Vanilla

Directions:  Whip together the almond butter, coconut cream, maple syrup and vanilla until smooth. Add the Cocoa powder last for easier incorporating, or mix it all together from the get go if you are impatient like me.

Almond Butter is an excellent source of vitamin E, monounsaturated good fats and healthy protein. Almonds take a long time for the body to digest, keeping hunger at bay and making them the perfect snack for those watching their weight. They are higher in calcium than almost any other plant food and are therefore an excellent addition to our diets. Select an Almond Butter that is raw and unsalted for the best untampered quality, or make it yourself by blending/pureeing/coffee grinding almonds until the oil breaks through and it becomes creamy.

Coconut cream is essentially the good fat from the coconut. [There's the meat, the milk, the water, the butter and the cream.] Coconuts are incredible for your skin, for your cells, and will make you magnificently happy. Because of it's medium-chain fatty acids, coconut cream is more likely to be used for energy and less likely to be stored as fat in comparison to other fats. Coconuts have powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties that are particularly good for boosting immunity which is great because every part of them is healing, nourishing and just plain tasty. The cream is a dessert on its own, although when added to other things is the stuff that makes life worth living. [ Putting it in the fridge for at least an hour before using it to make this pudding help give it a firmer texture. ] *This may be the ONLY time I will ever suggest using something from a can since unfortunately I haven't found a good source of coconut cream that doesn't come packaged in a can.

Cocoa powder in its raw form is packed full of antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber and good minerals that boost your serotonin, help balance your hormones, offer an anti-inflammatory response, serve as a superfood and even give you a little aphrodisiac assistance. Full permission to add as much as you like to the pudding, or to your life! Pick raw cocoa powder that is at least 70% pure cocoa for the best nutrient quality.

Maple Syrup comes from a the sap of a maple tree. It is a sugar source but we like it because it is a good quality, straight from nature with minimal processing that makes everything taste like breakfast. It is an excellent simple sugar substitute and even brings minerals and vitamins to the table. It is a pure sugar however, so be conscious of moderation and choose a quality source.

Vanilla makes everything delicious. Nuff' said. It is worth it to invest in a high quality vanilla extract since the flavor the beans provide makes them worth the added expense. I add it when I make chocolate, to my smoothies, and pretty much anything that I can get away with.

There you have it!

A simple, healthy, energy boosting, good fat and protein packed go-to dessert snack that takes no time at all to prepare and doesn't even require precise measurements or complete whipping.*

Make it smooth, keep it lumpy, use it as a dip or eat it straight from the mixing bowl. Put as many of whatever ingredients you like and stir in whatever else you can think of into a bowl, and noms away.

Your body and your taste buds will thank you.




*This recipe was adapted from the Wake Up World blog. Find it here: http://wakeup-world.com/2015/01/29/two-minute-chocolate-almond-pudding-dairy-gluten-free-no-refined-sugar/