The Vitamin Water / Juicing Dilemma(s)

Juicing, detox cleanses, vitamin waters and fresh pressed juices are all the rage right now. 

I am seeing more and more people being turned on to the juicing craze and doing convenient detox programs where incredible juices are delivered to you for you to drink over a period of a few days. Vitamin Waters are hip too and include added vitamins and minerals that get you the daily boost you might be lacking in a convenient hydrating and delicious tasting colored water. There are many brands out there and even energy drinks are now claiming to have health benefits. (Stay away from these!) Products like these preach the extraordinary benefits of bombarding your system with fresh pressed nutrients that boost your immune system, clean out your cells, reset your system and leave you feeling energized and thin again. There is a catch though.

Aside from the extraordinary sugar content of these products, the problem (my biggest problem) with these is that the bioavailability of the vitamins and the benefits of the enzymes are not fully there. Once you press a juice or mix in vitamins, you only have about 15-30 minutes before the enzymes and vitamins start to deteriorate. This applies to juicing, smoothies, protein powders and such. This is a pretty quick break down time, so unless you are pressing them yourself and drinking them right away, these juices aren't giving you the full benefits that you are expecting - or paying for. (And let's face it, they can be pretty pricey.)

*see note*

The solution: Press your juices yourself and drink them right away. This can be time consuming and require a lot of prep, but you will actually get all of the benefits from the fruits and veggies you are extracting from.

Or, choose something like Karma Wellness Water that allows you to make your own vitamin water on the spot. This is a very cool product that allows the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and added probiotics to be fresh, available, controlled and will give you everything you expect them too.

Here's a Karma Water demonstration:

At the end of the day, a green / whole food / nutrient packed juice is absolutely preferable over nothing. Choose a juice over a vitamin water, a smoothie over a juice, and a product like Karma Wellness Water over all of these if you cannot make them on the spot and fresh for yourself.


*On a side note, juicing significantly raises the sugar content of the juice because you are only taking a portion of the fruit's whole, leaving out the fiber and other mechanisms that balance the effect it has in your system. Not everyone has the body type to support a juicing cleanse so please consult with a Holistic Practitioner before doing one to make sure you aren't taxing your adrenals or messing with your blood sugar by not eating proper meals. Just something to be aware of and a big reason why I always suggest a smoothie prepared with whole fruits and veggies - to be digested by your body as it is intended to be - instead of any kind of juice. The very nature of a smoothie means it is thicker and a little closer to actual food, which your body needs for proper fuel conversion. It's a simple switch that makes a big difference.