A Simple Meditation

Getting quiet and going within can happen anywhere. Just close your eyes and listen.

A simple Meditation:

Imagine a star gently falling from the sky, landing directly onto the top of your head and slowly moving through you, filling you with light. As it moves down through your body, it takes with it any old, heavy, stagnant thoughts and feelings and sweeps them down, replacing them with it's brilliant white light. The light continues to move down through your body and through your feet, out your soles and into the ground, re-energizing and becoming one with the earth.

Continue this meditation for a few minutes until you feel calm. Each time the light enters you, imagine it is bringing back to you all of the energy you have left behind wherever you have been and filling you back up again with your own light. We always leave little pieces of ourselves where we go and it  is important to gather our energy once again. Each beam of light fills every corner of your body continuously until you are nothing but weightless, beautiful light.

Bringing your light back to you is a gentle way to let go. The visualization is helpful because letting go tends to leave us feeling empty, but we are instead filling ourselves up with our own energy. It is ok to put something down for the moment and loosen our grip on it, we can always pick it back up again at another time. Practice letting go if only for a few moments at a time until you get to the place of not needing to pick it back up again. Eventually letting it move through you will become easier until you release it once and for all.

Letting go of what no longer serves us makes space for the good things that are waiting to come into our life, and frees us up to fully experience the moment we are living. This moment is all that exists and all that matters.

Best to you, Helen.