Stay Away From Sausage! [Except this one.]

You can't have a traditional American breakfast without sausage. 

Sausage, salami's, links and chorizo are what make life worth living, but the ingredients are terrifying. The remains of animal parts, fat, cartilage, blood and anything that is left over from the meat cuts you would buy for a steak are essentially thrown into a casing (made of who knows what) and seasoned to taste like something palipatable so you can have something delicious to nom on. They also add fillers, which can be anything from sawdust to gosh knows what. Not a very nutritive, wholesome or healthy food.

I get it though. They're delicious and I fully preach that "Happiness is a huge part of health."

If you don't enjoy the food you eat / if you feel restricted / if you need to cut out your favorite foods in order to improve your health / if you constantly feel confused about what to eat .. you won't stick to any food plan / health plan / wellness program and it will be impossible to feel like you are staying healthy. You will binge and you will fall off the wagon.

Health is not about being on a wagon though. It's about making better lifestyle and food choices who's compound effect improve the way you feel / sleep / think / behave / experience life. It's about maintaining balance and my function as a Wellness Practitioner is not to limit you but to enrich your choices, so that you can still "cheat" but keep you body clean. Good food makes you live a better life simply because what we eat - we become. [ This both a figurative and a literal statement. If you eat heavy foods, you will feel and be heavy. If you eat chemicals, your body will be toxic. If the quality of your meats are not clean, you will not digest them properly and the proteins with which you build you own muscles will be denatured. ]

I'm not about taking things away from you or from my clients, but I do feel the obligation to educate you and give you a better alternative. That being said.... I'm happy to have found a genuinely healthier alternative to sausage and chorizo!

Teton Waters Ranch (web link here) makes their links with 100% grass-fed beef that is never fed grains. Grains ( usually genetically modified corn ) are not a natural food for cows which means they don't digest it properly. The quality of their bodies is therefore compromised and it becomes yours when you eat it - it is THIS important to eat clean meat. Teton Water's respects this and allows their cows to roam freely, as nature intended them too. They don't use hormones on their animals, they don't have a feedlot on their land, they don't add nitrates or nitrites, they don't add preservatives or sugar and the ingredients are surprisingly simple. I was honestly impressed and now that I eat meat again (alleluia!) I had a nibble and can honestly say they pass the taste test. They are rich, savory and everything you would expect your sausage links to be. And they taste really, really clean. You can tell the quality on the first bite.

Check out my discovery of them today at Costco:


You can find Teton Water's Ranch products at Costco, Sprouts, Lassen's and Ferocio's.


Thanks for all the info Doug! That was the perfect little snack and an excellent find.