We Are All The Same / Completely Different

Every "body" is different.

We are made of the same stuff, but how this "stuff" show up in us [the elements] varies to determine our own personal constitution. 

Knowing your constitution is crucial for living your optimal life. How you should eat, where you should work, when you should workout and so many other important lifestyle choices are determined by your prakriti, or constitution. 

Every choice you make will either balance you or imbalance you. 

If you know where you stand, it is that much easier to reach your goals and live a balanced life.

Ayurveda teaches that there are three basic natures / doshas / prakritis / body type constitutions.

Vata types are mostly air + space.

Pitta types are mostly fire + water.

Kapha types are mostly water + earth.

We are all a combination of these three natures to varying degrees, with one always a little more predominant than the other(s). When a practitioner looks at your nature, they instantly know your personality, your predispositions, what balances you / imbalances you, your optimal diet, your optimal workout routine, what makes you the most comfortable and if they haven't met you, they can take a good guess at what you might look like. Ayurveda's principles are this detailed!

Therefore, the more you know about yourself, the more you will learn to balance yourself - and balance is at the forefront of great health.