Your Cells Can Hear you

    Your cells are conscious.

Your body can hear you and it always acts accordingly.


When your mind tells your body to pick something up, your arm moves. When you want to walk across the room, your body gets up and walks over. Your body responds to your thoughts and to your commands. Easy enough to understand, yes?


And what about all of the other thoughts?

The "I'm not good enough, I'm too fat, they don't like me," or the classic "I'm not worth it..?" Your body hears this too.


And it acts accordingly.

And your cells replicate accordingly.

And you heal accordingly.

And you build from this foundation accordingly.


Everything is energy. When you break down your molecules and single out the atoms, crack them open and look inside, past the quarks and sub quarks and specks of light, you get a whole lotta nothing. 

Intention. That's what's there. Pure consciousness, cosmic bliss, open space, creation, God, magic, energy and intention. (They're all the same thing after all.) THIS space is what actually makes us WHO WE ARE. And we get to make this up with our minds and our hearts. 

We are THAT powerful.


Health is not just about juicing or fitness or getting to bed early or eating well, although these things certainly keep you healthy. The state of your energy, your thoughts, your words- this almost matters more because of the sheer force behind it. How you think about yourself is a reflection of who you think you are.. And your body has no choice but to follow because at the core of your being is your body's desire to be aligned. 

Health is so much more than what you're eating. Your thoughts have a much more massive impact on your well being than any superfood ever will.


Be kind. Be brave. Be forgiving. Be free. Give YOURSELF love.

Be who you really are in every way possible, with every thought and breathe and vibration you put onto others, and onto yourself.