Starting Your Week Prepped

Monday's can be rough.


We set up a lot of expectations for ourselves at the beginning of a week, to start a diet, to go to the gym, to get up a little earlier, to get more work done, to spend more time with family, to do the million things we didn't get done the week before...

Starting your week with this amount of weight on our shoulders can be motivating for some, but for most it's simply exhausting and actually leads to us getting less done overall.


What to do?


Start your week on Sunday night instead of on Monday morning.

  • Set your intentions for the day / next 3 days /week. Plan your goals realistically.
  • Pick your outfit for Monday morning and possibly the next couple of days
  • Meal prep yourself. Make your meals and leave them ready so you stick to your goals.
  • Leave breakfast ready / brewing / soaking / or have an idea in mind
  • Get to bed early. A good night's rest means waking up easier on Monday.
  • Set your alarm with positive music or good vibes. No one likes to wake up, but everyone likes to be in a good mood.
  • Spend a few minutes meditating and being grateful. Close the week in this space and let go of anything that didn't happen in order to make space for what is coming now.


This small shift in perspective can have a huge impact on how you feel during the day / the week / at the end of the month. Everything leads to something else, so setting yourself up properly for the next thing to come means you'll be better prepared for whatever falls into your lap- expected or not. Your week really begins on Sunday night. How much fun you had, how relaxed you feel, how fulfilling your weekend was, how clear your mind is all set the tone for the coming days and for your attitude regarding the responsibilities that you carry. And we always feel great after a cool weekend, so why not create a closing ritual to seal the week and begin fresh! 

Doing your best to prep for the days to come means Monday's are a little lighter and you feel much more in control. And feeling in control is always the key to getting things done.