Redefining Health.

Getting healthy can be really confusing.

What do you do first? Which one is the latest trend that actually works? Why is there so much conflicting info out there? Who do you trust? 

(hint: you should trust yourself.)

Wouldn't it be great if you just knew intuitively what you needed to do?

Every single person who walks into my office is confused about what to do to feel better. They all want to be "healthier" but they don't know what to do to get there. They have tried everything and nothing works, or it only works for a bit of time and then they go back to the exact same spot they were in, or they feel worse. Or better yet, this thing they tried only helps them feel better while they are doing it, but stray just a little and it's back to feeling crummy. This needs to shift. We have forgotten how to listen to our bodies and we no longer know what to do intuitively to feel energized, light, radiant and full of life.  

What is your gut telling you to do? Literally? (Your gut controls your entire body!) Are you able to decipher the symptoms? How much more empowered would you feel if you intuitively knew what to do when you felt out of balance?


Enter my new Wellness Program.

This is not a program for someone looking for the newest trend or the latest "how to" for health. I am not going to tell you what to do to feel your best. I am going to teach you how to think about health, how to make the proper decisions based on you and your body type, how to discriminate between what will make you stronger or weaker, how to feel like your healthiest, strongest, most vibrant self again. My new wellness program is not going to give you any answers, rather, it is going to teach you how to think about health so that YOU know what to do, for you.

 It is the most valuable lesson I can pass along because only you know what is best for you. You know yourself best, you live inside of your body and you are the only one who determines how you feel based on the decisions you make.

I want to make sure you're making the most intelligent decisions possible, based on your personality, your habits, your lifestyle, you and only you. The time has come for someone to step up and start giving some real answers, and you will find them in my online wellness program.

No trend can teach you this, no online article will ever diagnose your symptoms properly, and many experts can guide you, but ultimately it's on you to commit to yourself. You can onlly do this when you are certain that you're on the right path because anything less than full certainty and you will get bored and start to look elsewhere for an easier answer. We want the magic pill, we want instant gratification, we want what we want right now and we want it with the most minimal amount of work, pain and discomfort as possible. This doesn't exist - that external magic potion isn't real - but it can exist within yourself when you know what to do and when to do it. You just need to know how to think about things properly so you can make the best decision possible based on what is in front of you. It is YOU who feels great or not so great within your own skin and you should be in control. I will get you there, but first, you need to understand what "being healthy" really means so that you know how to make the decisions that will compound into "being healthier."

Everything you eat, drink, think about, listen do, absorb and surround yourself with will make you stronger, or weaker. Learn how to distinguish between the two and you are on your way to your healthiest self yet - based entirely on You and your own decisions for yourself. That is true power.

Shoot me an email to stay in the loop of the program launch, or opt in for updates below. Let this be the beginning of the new you, on your own terms.

Estimated launch is January 2018. Get in on it first and start the new year as a really, really new you.