Nature is perfect.

Have you ever noticed that everything in nature is perfect?

Repeating patterns, synchronistic waves, perfect symmetry. Everything nature creates has a functional reason and the energetic foundation is seen across the board, from the way water moves to how flower petals blossom. Nature is perfect.

We live within mother nature and come from it, therefore it makes sense that we too are perfect. Your body was built with everything it needs to survive, to regenerate and to heal. If you experience any sort of discomfort, dis-ease or imbalance, the fastest (and most logical) way to re-balance is to turn to nature. Nature always has the antidote. In winter, warming fattening grounding foods grow. In the summer, cooling lighter foods grow. This earth grows everything we need to maintain balance, and it offers it to us exactly when we need it. (Which is why I always stress eating in season.) Nature is absolutely our medicine and it has all of the answers. And this is why I love Ayurveda so much.. it is nature based medicine that looks at you as a unique bio individual. It's also the oldest system of healing in the world and the only modality that incorporates mind, body and spirit equally.