Letting Go.

I take pictures of my toes standing in random places all over the world. It's this thing I started doing because I wanted to remember where I was standing in exact moments of my life, as if God drew a circle in the sand and said "this is where you're supposed to be." Understanding this has brought a lot of magic and an incredible amount of synchronicity into my life.


Today I walked away from my apartment in LA, my home, the only space that is truly mine, the place that kept me safe in my happiest times and that I ran to in my worst heartache. I've grown so much here, it's actually measurable. I am a completely different person than a year ago let alone 7 years ago when I first moved in. Letting go is really, really, really hard for me. Like, really hard. But I'm getting better at it and I can think of no other way to take the next step forward in my life than to completely walk away from everything.

Everything that is comfortable and everything that feels safe. I have a good life, I honestly have zero complaints about anything real; nothing is missing from my life and I am beyond fortunate. I am doing what I love and what I know I'm meant to be doing; my friends are wonderful and I live in a cute place in my favorite neighborhood. But I have more to give that I feel I can within these four walls and within the way my life is as it stands now. I want more and I need more space to create. I have always wanted to live in Europe and when presented with things aligning perfectly just as I had wanted them (manifesting really works!) I had to take the jump.

I used to be afraid to make bold decisions, to ask difficult questions, to make mistakes, to show people my heart. I didn't used to show up as who I felt I was because I didnt think it was enough, that I was pretty enough or that who it was what others wanted. It makes me sad that I used to feel that way because how many people didn't meet me for me, but for a lesser version of who I was, simply because it's what I thought was best. Old me looks at young me and I wish I could tell myself to laugh more, to be bold, to LIVE unapologetically and to work harder at the things I wanted because I didnt realize then it was ok to actually get them.

To grow you need to face your life - yourself - head on and fight for the things you want the most. You have to leap. You're the only one who can create the life you want and you only get ONE. (This time around at least.) I have never EVER felt more myself that I do right now, standing in my empty apartment. Ever. I am full of gratitude for how much this space allowed me to be me, sad to let go yet convinced that I am doing the very best thing for ME.


My hope for you is that at any given moment of the day, you too feel this certain that whatever it is you are doing or wherever you may be standing, that you feel it is exactly where you are supposed to be. That you feel full and grateful & excited for what's coming to you, and that you trust in the universe enough to step out of the way and allow what's trying to come into your life to show up. 


The physical space I practice in will be transitioning to an online practice as of August 18th, 2017. I will be presenting my lectures and consults online so as to be more accessible on your end, and allow me to do my thing on my end. I'm going to miss my little office SO much but know that I will always be here for you, and that I look forward to continuing to work with you remotely, from a virtual couch instead of a white one filled with colorful pillows. We will still drink tea together, I will still draw pictures for you and I will always have an answer when it comes to your health questions. It will just be in a little different format because there are a few important things I need to do for myself and I need the space to create them. Please bear with me while I make this transition.. I have a plan. A BIG ONE. And it's a good one. I have a lot to give and I need a little time to put it all together to present it to you. 


I leave you with this:

Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It is yours. Be responsible to yourself and especially to yourself. Spend the time to create the most authentic, pure, confident, strong, HAPPIEST, whole version of yourself and do whatever it takes to get there. You only get one shot at living fully, authentically and in any way you want to. Do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy at the end of the day, that your heart feels full, that you feel alive. And if you don't feel that way, run a little harder towards it tomorrow. You already have all of the answers inside of you, just listen.

I'll be in a small cafe somewhere in Europe finishing my book and taking pictures so I can show you what wellness looks like from all angles of the globe. I'll be back sometime next year (I think?) but for now I'm going to go look at my life from different mirrors & report back all of the magic I find. I've been manifesting standing in this spot for a long time, and it's finally here.

Life is so much fun. Be in touch soon!

To schedule any initial consultations or follow up visits, please reach me at 818-849-6057 or send me an email to livewellnessdaily@gmail.com. Last office visits will be scheduled August 18th. All shop items will be available through the end of the month.