Meditation is a Conversation with the Universe

We are made of energy. That’s it. Pure, cosmic intelligence. 

When you think about what you are made of: tissues, protein sequences, cells, molecules, atoms, subatomic particles down to nothingness.. this “nothing” you end up at is the intention of the universe. Empty space. Pure bliss. Cosmic consciousness. The universal intention of an eye ball, a liver cell, a happy thought, a big toe, a warm embrace physically manifested. Deep within, it’s all just cosmic space bc there really isn’t anything actually there when you get deep down into it.

Except there is. 

We are made of energy. That being said, your thoughts are important- for your internal flow, for your congruency, for your health, for what is showing up in your life and for what you are manifesting because everything is simply energy.

It’s a vibration. High, low, fast, slow. THAT’s IT.

This concept is everything.

What you put out there energetically matters. 

Taking responsibility for your thoughts ( and  finding + releasing those that aren’t originally yours ) is the fastest way to change your internal chemistry. Your cells can hear you and they act accordingly. Which means if you are holding stress, your cells tighten up and replicate with THIS frequency which is low vibrating, and you get more low vibrating crinkly tightly wound stressed out cells. ( Hello, wrinkles! Hello, lowered immune system! Hello, inflammation! ) Your emotional experience of stress is also heightened since that is the energy you are holding, thinking about, replicating AND putting out into the uni. We are overstimulated, over worked and over exhausted, and your cells respond to this with every impulse they receive from you.

So why does “talking to the universe” matter?

Because the universe and nature are in charge, and they are always in charge. You live on this planet and you are subject to the universal laws, like the times of day, the seasons and the sun or the wind. You can’t escape it and they affect you, whether you are paying attention or not, and whether you resist it or not too. Therefore, the closer you can tap into nature ( hi, Ayurveda ) the more aligned you will be internally and externally with nature, which reflects back into your cellular energy.

Energy is everything.

Being calm is the fastest way to tap into this + into real, true health, because everything begins from a place of internal calm, flow and alignment. The less aligned you are, the more chaos internally. The more aligned, the more flow. Simple.

Being congruent is everything and the most powerful way to align your internal and external worlds is to tap into this external world of energy- by going within. By connecting to yourself, by breathing, by looking up, by acknowledging that the universe is there and that you are a part of it, by getting quiet and sitting in your own space. By listening. By asking for guidance and listening for the answer. Why does this work? Because you are energy and energy is the only thing that exists. And when you tap into it, you align. You flow. …and flow is the language of the universe to begin with.

Meditation: talking to the universe. Do it. ♡ xo, Helen