Finding [ Regaining ] Balance


Finding it. 
Losing it. 
Losing yourself, finding yourself. 
Losing yourself again.
The chaos, the silence. 
The everything and the nothing.
The evolution of your soul.

This last week has been intense. Surrounded by fires, a shooting at a bar I’ve been to, almost losing my mom in a crazy car accident.. I’m feeling everything so deeply and yet feeling numb to it all too. It’s a little overwhelming.

When. Will. It. Get. Easier.
When does it stop?
Ever? Never? 
And what does that even mean?

This is life.
This is how it happens.
Stuff just happens.
This is the path.

It’s bumpy and there’s sunshine and there are wildfires and it’s beautiful and mysterious and sad and remarkable. All at the same time and all in the same week. 
Are you showing up?
For others, for yourself?
Who are you choosing to be?
What are you going to do next?
What are you going to do with what’s showing up for you?

You always get to choose.

I’ve been absent for a bit because I chose to go within. To breathe. To be careful in responding to the chaos around me because there’s magic in it..and I wanted to take my time to find it.

Returning to balance. It’s always about balance. To your response. To the meaning you give it. To how you choose to use it to empower you.

So this gal is taking it easy for a few the next days. Letting myself cry when/if it comes, continuously asking for guidance, spending some time sitting in gratitude each day, making an effort to answer all of my emails (because you still have to show up, fully,) and getting to bed early to show up for myself, fully too. Letting it all go. Accepting that life is life, and that comes down to how you choose to experience it. All of it. And how gracefully you can let it all GO. 
And adaptogens, extra adaptogens.

Life is filled with life. And that’s what makes it so wonderful. 
I hope you’ll find the small ways to balance, and to love yourself when the storm hits you too. It’s the fastest way to get through it, and the fastest way to find the gifts it’s trying to show you. 
Xo ♡