Energy Follows Intention

Health is a byproduct of enlightenment .. you will be healthy automatically when you are calm inside.

What does this mean?



There is a huge spiritual component to healing [ or to any part of feeling better ] and energy follows intention. Where we hold energy, where we hold thoughts and feelings is usually where your imbalances and dis-eases manifest, because the "holding" causes stress, stagnation and ultimately negativity. 

Your diet is defined as what you take in from any field of perception, from any mode of intellect, and not just your foods and drinks. You are everything that you ingest, how you metabolize it, how you transform it and/or how you hold it. And of course, how gracefully you let it go. Or don’t. 

Your health is made up of everything you ingest.

Your thoughts. Your feelings. Your foods. Your drinks. The music you listen to. Your relationships- To others, to yourself. The color of your walls. The colors you wear. The smells that surround you. How you sleep. Your hello's to your neighbors. Your perceptions. Your level of happiness with the outside world, your level of happiness within yourself. Your ego. Your sense of self. Your sense of worth. Your perception of your experiences. How you move. How much you laugh. Your shampoo. How you love and how you accept love. Where you hold stress.

Your breath. 

Your health is Everything, all together. 

It is the combination of how you interact with your life, and of how you interact and perceive yourself. It isn't just how many push ups you do or dont do, what the number on the scale says or how slim your belly is, although these things form a part of your fitness. Your health - your wellness - is everything. Therefore, the key is in the flow of it all. It is in how you interact with everything that forms a part of your life and how well it all flows to you, through you and out of you - in every single sense of the word.

How do we heal / balance / begin to eliminate / begin to prevent dis-ease?

True health comes automatically when you are calm inside. The inner calm is what allows flow to happen and flow is the essence of health. Your blood flowing, your bowels flowing, your digestion flowing, your thoughts flowing, your stress flowing, your body flowing in movement.. constant flow is what allows regeneration to happen and it is also (not a coindicence) the language of nature which we are very much a part of. 

To become "enlightened" is essentially to be tapped into this flow, to this calm, to this sense of connectedness to the bliss of nature. And when you tap into this, health becomes you, because it cannot come from anything else.

Get quiet and find your calm. It’s that simple. But be honest, you already knew that intuitively, didn't you?