Balancing Your Moon Cycles



Your path to healing begins when you are happy and calm in your life. If you aren't tapping into your space of calm regularly, not only can life get to you, but your internal rhythms and cycles will be affected because the body's way to do anything is through bio chemistry. Everything in our body responds to something else and it is all connected. 

Your body is amazing. 

When you are stressed, your body responds by sending you a rush of extra hormones that give you energy, keep you focused and help you get through your day. This bio chemical response comes from an evolutionary survival mechanism that began when we started hunting for our food and running from predators. When you feel a threat (of any kind) your body sends adrenaline and other goodies to help you make the decision of whether or not you should fight or flight.

How do you make this decision?

You get tunnel vision, your blood becomes acidic in an attempt to make you taste less delicious if you were to get bitten, your senses become heightened, your digestive / metabolic / reproductive systems shut down since they aren't a priority in that moment, you attempt to shed weight (why people may wet themselves when they get scared,) your breathing changes and every single cell in your body records this and all of your surrounding information to be stored for use later. Stress is cumulative and it is stored in our cellular memory, and this is not something we release over time; we store it so that the next time we experience that same stress, we dont flinch- we know intuitively to RUN.

This has implications in every aspect of our lives. Think about it. 

We don’t hide from lions anymore, but we do get the same rush of hormones when we experience today’s stresses.. like running late to work, spilling coffee, paying bills, sitting in traffic, family stuff, emotional stuff, relationship stuff, life stuff!

This constant equilibrium of stress to extra hormones gets us through the day, but it does imbalance your system. This survival mechanism is there for the once in awhile threat, not the everyday stresses, but your body doesn’t know the difference, Over time, this imbalance can become chronic, affecting your natural hormone and sex hormone rhythms and creating changes in weight, metabolism, sleep, anxiety, hair loss, digestion, emotional stability, coping, fertility, neurotransmitters, turning on autoimmunities, food sensitivities... we don't realize that these discomforts we experience daily are all related to how we store and manage (or don't manage) stress.

As a woman, your monthly flow depends on this delicate balance and stress is one of the main causes for female hormone imbalances, including PMS, low energy, difficult menopause, pregnancy issues, trouble sleeping and so many other things we experience that we don’t realize are connected. We also don't realize how connected we are to the moon and how strong that pull is on our internal rhythms + circadian rhythms + hormone balance + female cycles. We get new moons and full moons every month just like we do our menstrual cycles, and the moon pulls the ocean's tides which keep the earth in flow. And we have a flow. 

Everything is connected.

It is far easier to maintain health than to regain it and once you’re in the spiral, it can be tricky to get out. So, what helps? What can you do? How can you get out of it?

moon event.JPG

We are having a women’s circle in between the new and full moons this month in LA to discuss this very thing and give you the tools you need to balance your moon cycle naturally. We chose the moon because it has such a significant importance on our internal rhythms, especially as a woman.

Come experience soothing meditations, carefully crafted herbal teas, healing crystals and energy medicine with us if you’re in the area. We would love to have you and we are excited to help you find your natural flow again.

Our one time event is August 16th at 8pm at the Women's Space Culver City. Message me for more info or click the link her for tix. Can’t wait to see you!