What Causes PMS + How to Heal It


We aren’t supposed to experience discomforts with our moon cycles. If you do, your body is signaling an inflammatory response- an imbalance that in most cases can be healed with just a few adjustments.

What happens with PMS? A variety of reasons can bring it on: your diet, stress, inflammation, an internal Vata aggravation (too much air + space elements,) or blood sugar surges.

When you skip meals - any meals - your body goes into stress mode. This changes your natural hormone rhythms, affecting your sex hormones, cortisol, adrenaline, throwing off your neurotransmitters, weakening your gut, confusing your thyroid and so forth. (Skipping meals is a really big deal when it comes to balance.) This can cause the release of Inflammatory cytokines, which cause uterine cramping, leading to pain. The mood swings and crazy feelings are real, but they are caused by your body’s struggling stress response trying to balance itself.

Fortunately, you can help. Focus on warm, nourishing foods high in fats and omegas + essential fatty acids, limit strenuous activity around your cycle, go to bed early and seriously consider meditation. Sitting in silence with yourself does wonders for calming your thoughts and your emotions, which shuts off part of the emergency stress response. Adaptogens can help too. Eat three meals a day with snacks every couple of hours to keep your fuel intake steady, and focus on cooked proteins and fats to make sure you stay steady internally. PMS discomforts are triggered when your body tries to offset irregularities in fuel, causing insulin surges which are actually the clinical cause of PCOS and fibroids. (You don’t need birth control for these, you need to eat breakfast.)

Balance your Vata, balance your moon.

You don’t have to experience PMS girls, it’s a myth and your flow should flowwwwww. I can help with lifestyle, herbs, homeopathic remedies and nutritional changes if you’d like a little guidance.

Let me know. xo

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