Dieting is a No-No

Diet is a no no word for me. 


Dieting implies restrictions, calorie counting, limiting yourself (and being miserable) when the focus should actually be on nourishing your body and doing everything you can to ensure it runs efficiently, which in my practice is how I define health.

Your diet is defined as what you eat everyday. The meals, snacks and nutrition that goes in you. That is your diet.

If you feel you need to “go on a diet,” chances are you’re actually in need of a lifestyle shift. Which is great and definitely shift some things that will be more aligned with your body running efficiently so you can feel better. But let’s call it committing to a more balanced lifestyle instead, and let’s throw out the negative, depressing and limiting connotations that come with the word “diet.” Committing to your nutrition means you respect and honor your body, and it’s much easier to stick to healthier food guidelines or with changing things around, even if you restrict yourself for a bit, when you “commit to your nutrition” versus “go on a diet.”

The energy, the focus and the self love are completely different.

I love the message of “My body type is like you can kinda sorta tell I work out but you can also tell I dont say no when someone offers me a cookie” because it implies balance. Definitely work out and take care of your body - it is your temple, it is with you your whole life and it contains every aspect of who you are. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle and of your commitment to yourself, so honor it. And by honor it, I am also implying that you should have the cookie. Because happiness is a huge part of health too, as long as you maintain balance.

Cookies aren’t bad, it just depends on when you have them (there is actually a better time of day for cheat snacks- mid day,) how many you have (your cravings indicate blood sugar instability,) and the ingredients, of course (which should always be clean, because ingredients turn into your cells.)

P.s. No body judging allowed. Everyone is on their own journey and everyone’s process is different. Some of us like beef jerky and others like cookies. We need both for a balanced gut microbiome so Balance.

Respect your body, honor yourself, love your self and commit to nourishing yourself, and your body will balance out for you. There are also plenty of healthier cookie options out there including the option to make them yourself, so that you know exactly what does in them and can choose wisely for yourself.

And as always