The Superfood Hype


There really shouldn’t be a distinction between “superfoods” and “regular” foods.

Food means nutrients.

Anything can be labeled a food, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily contain nutrients your body understands. If it is processed, made in a lab, packaged in a box, canned, bleached, modified, altered, powdered, artificially colored, or changed too much from its natural form, your body probably won’t know what to do with it ((but the sheer fact that it IS able to transform these things in an attempt to nourish you is amazing.))

Food is not calories, it is information. 

Just because it fills your belly, doesn’t mean it’s a food. Rocks rich in minerals will also fill your belly, but that doesn’t mean you’d eat them. There just isn’t any information there you can use to build cells or make energy with, right?

All foods should be superfoods.

Superfoods are marketed to contain extra amazing life changing properties but really, all foods contain these properties when they aren’t altered. Nature is amazing and everything it provides contains super nutrients that are intended to support your body and keep you strong. 

When our basic diets are off, we are lured in by “superfoods.” I don’t think they’re necessary because when we distinguish between superfoods and regular foods, the focus is essentially off. We are so used to our regular food being void of nutrients that we supplement with expensive superfoods. 

That being said, they’re a wonderful addition, but there should be no distinction. And certainly not such a wide price difference.

Don’t get caught up in the hype. 

Health is about your body running efficiently, not about how many superfoods, latest trendy powders or juice crazes you can fill your day with. 

Focus on whole, natural foods rich in color that help your body run efficiently and you should be ok. No extra super anything needed. Health is a lifestyle that encompasses all parts of your mind, body and spirit, not something you buy in a foo foo grocery store with an expensive price tag.

Spend your money on expensive toilet paper instead. Bc THAT is super important.