Weight is Not About Fat


Fat has never been about burning calories.

It is hormone related and it has always been hormone related.

Understand this, and you understand your body, how it works, why you’re holding what you’re holding, and how you can heal. Your ideal weight is of your body in its natural state.

When our bodies are out of balance, this creates internal stress. This internal stress causes hormones to release in an attempt to keep homeostatis, or an internal balanced environment, which essentially has consequences over time because the hormones released are primary cortisol and adrenalyn. When these fight or flight hormones are released over and over, your body will store fat in an attempt to save everything it can for survival - stress is a survival mechanism. That is how we survived for so long over the milleneas and evolved into the humans we are today, by experiencing a stressful event such as being chased by a lion, by surviving that event and by learning what we did correctly so we can repeat it again in the future. This comes at the cost of an evolutionary model that still works well for us today, except that the stresses we experience are quite different. Stress today isn’t necessarily caused by running from a lion, but it is caused by life stress like relationships, work, finances, traffic and so forth. These are outside stresses that cause an internal response, but the kicker really is the internal stress we cause upon ourselves when we skip meals, eat too many carbs, go to bed too late, don’t sleep enough, don’t properly manage our emotions and so forth. The stress that is in our control is the one that does the most damage and is the one that essentially changes our hormones. Over time, this leads to added weight, toxicity, imbalances and so forth.

Health, weight, hormones and holding six puppies is all about and has always been about BALANCE.

Find your body’s ideal balance and your excess weight, fat or whatever you aren’t releasing will naturally fall off. Let me know if you need a little guidance with how to do that properly and naturally. I’m here to help.