What it Means to be Aligned


We talk a lot about alignment in the holistic healing world because it is from this energetically balanced place that everything can flow. 

What if you are aligned emotionally, spiritually, in your actions and in your words, but you still get sick? 

Does that mean you aren’t truly aligned? Does this definition shift?

When it comes to healing, I find Matt Kahn’s interpretation extremely appropriate. He says: “Alignment is not about how healthy you are. Alignment is about how healthy your relationship is with your body is no matter how unhealthy it seems to be. Illness is the perfect way to get on the same page as your body. The illness is the initiation, it’s the rite of passage where you manifest an illness as an opportunity to say wow, now I really get to give a crap about the body, in it’s most dire moment of need. Having an illness doesn’t mean you’re not aligned.

Anything different than this is spiritual nonsense- being sick doesn’t mean you aren’t aligned, being aligned means ‘and how do you view the body that is sick?’ Is it an opportunity, or is it a prison?” .

Personally, I think he nailed it. It always comes down to your respect for your body, for your home, and in everything constantly being an opportunity to evolve. To relate to yourself differently. To fundamentally change how you interact with yourself for the better, even if the spirit feels an illness is the best way to get there. Thoughts?

Perfectly aligned pottery via @hbfit via 📸@mylifestylememoir