Why is Self Love Such a Big Part of Healing?


Why is self love such a big part of healing?

What does love have to do with fixing your hormones, losing a little weight, normalizing your thyroid function, soothing IBS, a better night’s sleep , optimizing your energy levels or any other seemingly unrelated thing?

The self love movement is big right now and for good reason. We are starting to realize that if we don’t love ourselves, we can’t make the best choices for ourselves, and this is ultimately what decides health.

Your health is the compound effect of the little choices you make every single day, and this can go either way.

The self love part comes in when we consider our subconscious wiring & if we even BELIEVE we DESERVE to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. If we don’t, we won’t ever get there. We will sabotage ourselves, begin to do little things that return us to our old habits and never really make the permanent changes we long for. It comes down to our neural imprinting, which is the accumulation of our nature vs nurture experiences in our early development. It comes from our core self esteem.

If your needs (emotional or physical) weren’t met as a child, you will have a difficult time meeting them as an adult for yourself. And this leads to health problems 100% of the time. You are only ever manifesting, creating, thinking, absorbing, interpreting, reacting to and seeing feeling hearing sensing from your subconsious programming. It’s our fundamental imprinting, so if any one or any part of your needs were’t met, even if it was simply your perception of them, then you have a “lacking” program imprinted. Because your cells can hear you, they behave from this perception, and if you aren’t careful, your health, your life, your relationships, your money, your self esteem and your everything reflects from this place.

Doing things in self love positively reinforces your worth on a deeper subconscious level. It gives you the conscious space to heal & process so that your body can follow, and so that your cells can reprogram & rewire to this new frequency.

THAT is why the crystals, the bath salts, the essential oils, the massages and all the wellness tools are so important. It’s not the thing, it’s the space you take to nurture & nourish on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.

Hitting all three of these -mind, body and spirit- is where the magic happens.

Self care is the new health care.

When you love yourself, you make better decisions, you breathe a little softer, set better boundaries, keep a calm mind, stress a bit less, choose cleaner foods & products.. You make the better choice on every level & from THIS place, you have the space to heal & balance. Bc you practice being worthy of it- daily.

Love yourself today. In every single way you can think of. 💕 xo