Standing Where You are Standing

You are always standing exactly where you are supposed to be. This is the one thing I know for sure in life, the thing I know to be the most true, the thought that always centers me, the certainty that makes everything else make sense, and the experience that the universe shows me over and over again.

Every bump, bruise, blink, breath and breakthrough has lead you to become who you are - and none of anything that has ever happened has been an accident. It is all a part of your journey, one that you create piece by piece with every decision and every action you make. It is certainly true that sometimes things happen that we don't choose.. but we do always choose how we react and who be become from that thing that happened.. That is the key to always being in control of your life and essentially, of how you feel about your life [which is everything.]

You are always in control of who you want to become and of how you want to experience your life. This is true whether you are aware of it or not, which explains a lot of the time how you can end up in random places you'd never thought you'd want to be in, sometimes because the universe wanted to take you there, and other times because you simply weren't paying attention to the choices you were making. Regardless, life always shows you what you need in order to experience something - to experience yourself - to know yourself more fully - to become more 'who you are.' 

This is a soul decision. This is why there are no accidents, no coincidences, no chances. As souls having a human experience [not humans having a soul experience every once in a while] we have contracts with each other to meet up, do stuff, hurt each other, love each other, show each other things and teach one another about life. These connections don't disappear just because you don't remember them; they are energetic connections that allow your soul to accomplish the things it most desires so you can grow and evolve. 

This is why you are always standing exactly where you are supposed to be. There is a deeper connection happening between you and everything and everyone that surrounds you. To experience each other, to experience life, to feel all kinds of things and to accompany each other on our journeys. It's a big web of cosmic interconnectedness that serves you in the highest way possible - to allow you to experience your life in a profound, unique, special way so that you can become more you.

Look down every once in awhile, look at your toes and really see where you are standing. 

It can be quite incredible to realize how far we've come when we take a moment to think about how everything that has ever happened in our lives has lead us to this very moment. Yes, this very moment. THIS one. 

Looking down is such a powerful way to ground yourself.



Standing on the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. 

0° 00′ 00.00″ W

January 2014.

A very special moment.