Calm Herbal Formulation

Calm Herbal Formulation

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It is difficult to avoid stress in today's day in age. However, how stress affects us is really the key to our health, because as much as we can't avoid it, we can control how our bodies adapt to it.

Stress is the most important factor affecting your health. If we don't learn to manage it - or in the least control it's effect on our bodies - it is guaranteed that we will experience some sort of negative imbalance at some point in our futures. Stress is that important to our health.

Enter adaptogens.

Adaptogens are herbs that help our bodies adapt to stress. They give us energy when we are fatigued and calm us down when we are stressed. They're nature's equivalent to magic! And though they're not a solution to stress, they certainly help dampen the effects that daily stress have on our adrenals, our nervous system, our hormones and our digestion. 

Include this formula in your daily intake of nutrients to help your body adapt to the effects of stress. Safe for daily use.

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To brew:

Steep 1 tbsp herbs in 1 cup hot water or almond milk. Option to add herbs to a pot and heat them directly into your liquid of choice for a stronger medicinal brew. Drink in the morning, during the day or at night to help melt away the effects of stress on your day. This formula will help regulate cortisol which may be a cause for interrupted sleep.