Facial Flower Bouquet

Facial Flower Bouquet

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Herbal steaming is a lovely way to open up the pores and improve circulation. 

The Facial Steam Flower Bouquet includes Red Roses, Jasmine, Violet Leaf, Calendula, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Honeysuckle and Lemongrass. Each impart their own healing benefits and all together combine to provide a calming floral bouquet that leaves your skin feeling hugged and your senses feeling balanced.

The bouquet can be taken internally as a tea as well. 

A facial steam treatment is step 3 in your Ayurvedic skincare facial.

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To use: As a tea, add 1-2 tspn of flowers to cup of hot water or to a diffuser. Inhale deeply as you sip. As a facial steam, add 1-2 tspn of flowers to a large bowl hot water. Position face over the bowl with the option to cover your head with a towel and allow the steam to seep into your skin while you breathe in and relax. Be mindful of water temperature and of leaving room to breathe properly. Can be added to a steamer machine as well. 

The skin is our largest organ. It breathes, eats, drinks, and needs attention. Everything we put onto our skin gets directly absorbed into our system and affects you.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels on your beauty products, lotions, shampoos, and such? Do you know what all of those ingredients are, or what they do inside of your body? Sometimes our body doesn't recognize lab made chemicals and it doesn't know what to do with them. They get stored as toxins, mostly in our fat, but sometimes in our organs, causing imbalances and making us sick.

My idea is that anything you put onto your skin should be something you are willing to eat or drink. My formulations are created with this philosophy in mind. The ingredients I choose are simple, clean, organic and easy on the body, while being highly nourishing and effective.

Wellness should be simple, and so should your ingredients.

The Wellness By Helen 5 Step Ayurvedic Facial can be an every-so-often mini treatment you give yourself or a daily regimen. It's all up to you! Use all together or pick your favorites. The steps are the following: 

1. Cleanse  2. Steam  3. Scrub  4. Mask  5. Moisturize