Herbal Face Cleanser

Herbal Face Cleanser

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Everything you put onto your skin is directly absorbed into our bloodstream. We forget this simple fact when we are worried about our appearance, often times reaching for harsh chemicals or creams with ingredients we cannot pronounce, all in the name of beauty. What are we really doing to our skin / body though?

The Herbal Face Cleanser is blend of Ayurvedic herbs with an affinity for glowing skin, designed to cleanse and balance using only the most natural and intuitive of ingredients. 

Manjistha, Orange and Besan remove dirt, toxins and make-up by gently scrubbing while cleansing, allowing new skin to emerge while also protecting the skin's natural moisture balance.

*The Cleanser has been upgraded and is now available in a 1.5 oz glass jar*

The Herbal Cleansing powder has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, detoxifying, clearing and rejuvenating properties that leave your face radiant and fresh. Formulated for daily use.

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The skin is our largest organ. It breathes, eats, drinks, and needs attention. Everything we put onto our skin gets directly absorbed into our system and affects you. You should, after all, only put onto your skin that which you would be comfortable eating. (This is a good rule to follow.)

Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels on your beauty products, lotions, shampoos, and such? 

Do you know what all of those ingredients are, or what they do inside of your body? 

Sometimes our body doesn't recognize lab made chemicals and it doesn't know what to do with them. They get stored as toxins, mostly in our fat, but sometimes in our organs, causing imbalances and making us sick.

My idea is that anything you put onto your skin should be something you are willing to eat or drink. My formulations are created with this philosophy in mind. The ingredients I choose are simple, clean, organic and easy on the body, while being highly nourishing and effective.

Wellness should be simple, and so should your ingredients.

Certified Organic Ingredients: 
Manjista - clears the liver, blood and skin
Red Sandalwood - cools, tones, clears sensitive skin
Orange Peel - provides nourishment, tonifies, clarifies
Neem - antibacterial, antifungal
Besan - excellent natural cleanser that leaves skin soft and replenished

To use:
Wet face, dab finger tips directly into the jar or sprinkle onto the palm of your hand. Massage onto face to use as a facial cleanser. Add more or less water for your preferred consistency.
The herbal powder can be mixed with water, milk or yogurt to form an herbal paste/mask as well.

Please store in a cool place, away from sunlight. Use within 12 months.

The Herbal Face Cleanser is a part of the Wellness By Helen 5 Step Ayurvedic Facial.
This powder is step 1. 
The steps are the following: 
1. Cleanse  
2. Steam  
3. Scrub  
4. Mask  
5. Moisturize

*all are available in the shop separately or as a Facial Kit set.

**This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. This product is for use at your own discretion. Please use responsibly under the guidance of a physician or health practitioner.