Calm Mind / Clear Mind Formula

Calm Mind / Clear Mind Formula

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Holy Basil, known as Tulsi, imparts great calming and grounding effects as well as has a positive clearing effect on the mind. It promotes prana, or life force, wisdom and devotion. Tulsi is one of the herbs I recommend the most for those dealing with high levels of anxiety and for better management of stress. Tulsi helps you calm down so that you can better manage whatever is in front of you. It also has an beneficial effect in most colds, flu's, sinus allergies and lung problems. It removes excess stagnation / Kapha from the lungs and natal passages, increasing life force / Prana and promoting sensory acuity. It also removes air + space / dryness / Vata from the colon, improving absorption and strengthening nerve tissue. It is an excellent herb for the lungs and for strengthening the respiratory system.

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Next to the Lotus, Holy Basil is the most prized plant of India. Every home has a Holy Basil / Tulsi planted outside because of it's purifying effects and beliefs to ward off pests, bugs, and bad energies. Holy Basil absorbs positive ions, energizes negative ions, and liberates ozone from the sun's rays.

The Wellness By Helen tinctures are prepared with consciousness and aged for months in small batches. Tinctures are a traditional means of extracting and benefitting from the medicinal properties of herbs. Medicinal herbs are aged in an extracting medium such as alcohol or glycerine, which allows them to be driven deep into the tissues to deliver their healing benefits.

Organic Holy Basil Leaves & Stems
80 proof Vodka

To use: Take 1/2-1 tspn 2-3x a day in a little water or as a tea in hot water for 3 months. Discontinue for 2-3 weeks, then resume.

Please store in a cool place, away from sunlight. 

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. This product is for use at your own discretion. Please use responsibly under the guidance of a physician or health practitioner.