Meditation Oil

Meditation Oil


Your cells can hear you, and they act accordingly. We carry thoughts, feelings and memories that rule our emotions and may be blocking our blessings from showing up, simply becasue of how we are interpreting our reality. Meditation is that sacred space where you co create your reality and can dissolve some of those thoughts, slowly start to become more yourself and align yourself with nature and with who you truly are. There are many methods to do this, but I like to think of meditation as simply listening. You already have the answers, you just need to tap in.

This special meditation oil was formulated to help you reach that space within with a little support and a little bit more love. Holy Basil, Sage, Rose and Lavender are infused into an organic Olive Oil base to bring you a light aroma that will help you reach that deep place within.

Every shop order over $75 will receive a free mini meditation oil as a Thank you.

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To Use:

Dab a bit of oil on your wrists, on your third eye, on your temples, over your heart, through your hair or wherever you feel called to indulge.

Use in your daily meditation practice or as a natural perfume.