Moon Magic Herbal Incense

Moon Magic Herbal Incense

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Clear your space, cleanse your aura and dispel any negative energy from your home with this herbal incense mix. Infused with Reiki energy and filled with healing herbs, this incense is sure to transform your energy and clear away anything that may be weighing you down.

Two sizes available: The large comes with a complimentary Selenite stick.

Incense herbs:

White Sage, Frankincense resin, Amber, Myhrr, Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Red Rose Petals, White Rose Petals, Violet Leaf

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To Use:

Carefully light a charcoal disk on a safe surface or abalone shell and sprinkle incense mix on top. Use a feather to fan the smoke as you walk around your space in a clockwise rotation, asking the energy of the herbs to dispel any funk.

Allow the herbs to burn out on their own or snuff out carefully. Your healing is complete.

May be used as a daily or weekly cleansing ritual, in meditation, to freshen your space or in conjunction with any rituals you love. My favorite is to sprinkle some on my intention notes as I gather them to burn under the new or full moons. Enjoy!