Restful Sleep Oil

Restful Sleep Oil

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A good night's sleep is critical for feeling your best. Balance is impossible to achieve without the right amount of zzz's.

This medicinal massage oil, fortified with the Ayurvedic herbs Ashwaghanda, Jatamansi and Brahmi alongside a few more, will help you drift off into dream land. Simply spend a few moments massaging the Restful Sleep Oil onto the soles of your feet before bed and relax knowing that these calming herbs will work their magic.

Consistent use will improve insomnia and restless sleep. Please see my blog post on Insomnia and Managing Sleep here for more tips.

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To Use: As part of your nighttime before bed ritual, start with a teaspoon sized amount of Restful Sleep Oil to apply on the soles of your feet. Spend a few minutes massaging the oil and reflecting on getting a good night's rest. You may choose to wear socks to prevent the oil from rubbing off on your sheets, or simply massage your feet until the oil has absorbed. Repeat nightly for best results.

Ayurvedic body oil massage is essential for skin wellness as oils have the closest biochemical structure to our skin, and therefore permeate all seven skin layers to provide vital nutrients, improve skin function, and delight the senses. Abyangha, or Daily oil massage, is essential for skin radiance, for proper skin hydration and for skin detoxification. This ancient ritual is an important daily practice for grounding, skin health, focus, proper balance, and restful sleep. The remedy for Insomnia in Ayurveda according to the ancient texts is to massage the soles of the feet with Sesame Oil nightly. The Restful Sleep Oil's formulation is based on this ancient recipe, and herbs have been added for increased benefits and deeper rest.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. This product is for use at your own discretion.