Skin Herbal Formulation

Skin Herbal Formulation

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Your skin is your largest organ. It breathes, it drinks, it eats and it absorbs anything (and everything) it comes into contact with. Stress, diet, water intake, emotions and "life" in general all have an effect on our skin and can rob us of our natural glowy complexion.

Skin health is directly attributed to your liver and your blood in Ayurvedic Medicine, since it benefits from the nourishment of these primal tissues. Therefore to improve your skin we need to address your blood, which has a direct corelation to your liver.

Calm, cool and detox your blood gently with this herbal formulation that contains properties to refresh your liver including those with an affinity for the skin. Safe for daily use, in fact, it is recommended.

This is the herbal formulation to clear your complexion and restore your radiance. Excellent for sensitive or troublesome skin.

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To brew:

Steep 1 tbsp herbs in 1 cup hot water or almond milk. Option to add herbs to a pot and heat them directly into your liquid of choice for a stronger medicinal brew. Drink before bedtime. May be taken nightly.