The Pitta Wand

The Pitta Wand


Back in the shop and better than ever!

Re-introducing my sage smudging wands with an alchemical twist- they’re now Ayurvedic.

Carefully crafted to help you find balance, the Pitta wand is cooling, calming and helps a fiery pitta recenter any feelings of jealousy, anger, irritability, and the need to prove your worth or make yourself feel heard. Lavender, rosemary and rose petals gently ease a Pitta and cool the moment.

Burning sage is an ancient ceremonial practice. Sage smoke changes the ionic composition of the air and shifts the air’s element, quite literally dispersing negative energies and creating a sacred space. 

Smudging with sage is spiritual alchemy. The smoke absorbs conflict, anger, illness, evil, negativity or any lurking bad vibes and frees your energetic space, cleansing your energy field and reconnecting you to the spirit world.

It feels and smells amazing, and this ancient ritual also has a direct affect on calming your stress response- which affects your entire body, from your digestion, to your hormone balance to your neurotransmitters. 

Saging not only helps you stay balanced but it actually helps balance you while helping you reconnect to yourself. It’s amazing. One of the most common spiritual practices is smudging or the making of ritualized smoke. Smudging is a part of almost all traditional Northern Plains Indian Spiritual activities. In some instances, the smoke from the burning plants, or mixture of plants, is pulled across the body in a cleansing action. The smoke is a purifying agent, a means of dispelling the everyday energy fields and substituting a pleasant odor for the spirits to work through.

Smudging makes it possible to see and communicate directly with the Spirits/Angels. It opens up the energetic portal which allows humans to penetrate the barrier that separates us from the Spiritual realm. Thus, smudging is frequently the first ritual in a ceremony. Smudging may also be repeated during times of hardship or a need to contact your Guides. [From The World Psychic Site]

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To use:

You will need matches or a lighter, an abalone shell or any other symbolic shell container, and a feather alongside your sage wand.

Carefully light the end of the stick over your shell and use the feather to fan the smoke around the room, beginning at the doorway and rotating clockwise. Be sure to smudge any windows or doors where energy can flow into the room.

You may wish to say a few words, asking the spirit of the sage to cleanse the space, release negative energies and patterns, and allow for freshness to come in. Allow the smoke to engulf the space as it cleanses it, but careful not to over light it as sage catches quickly and it can over smoke. Don’t forget to sage yourself too, asking the sage to clear your aura and energy space. Snuff out the sage in the shell and set aside.

Open windows and doors to let fresh air in. Your space is now cleansed and renewed.