The Wellness Program - Pre Sale

The Wellness Program - Pre Sale


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Release date: TBD but estimated to be End of October.

We need a new definition of health, mainly because most people don’t know what it means to be healthy so it’s hard to live a “healthy life.”

My idea is to redefine health. We haven’t been taught how to think about our bodies, how to nourish ourselves properly or even how to listen to our bodies are trying to tell us. We create our own imbalances and diseases by how we live our lives and then expect a doctor to fix us- the responsibility is ours and no one else’s. How can we live quality lives if we don’t know how to properly take care of ourselves on the basic level, like drinking water or eating breakfast?

The problem is that we don’t know how, and there are so many confusing and contradicting and misleading trends out there that when we do want to make a change, we don’t know what to do. We go for the easiest and when it doesn’t work, we think we’ll never be healthy and we give up, when in actuality none of these trends are actually healthy! 

My definition of health: You are healthy when your body runs efficiently.

When everything flows. When your body absorbs your nutrients and it knows exactly what to do with them, and when you know exactly which nutrients to choose and when to choose them, and when to eat them. Everything matters when it comes to your health and everything should be taken into account, because your body absorbs everything - including all of the energies - that it comes into contact with.

I want to redefine health. I wrote a Wellness Program that is unlike any other. It is NOT a “what to do to be healthy” program like a lot of the ones already on the market. They may have a lot of good tips but will they really work if you don’t understand how your body functions?

My program is all about teaching you how to think.

I teach you the basic principles in an easy to understand format so you can understand intuitively what your body is trying to tell you, and what to do about it.

The fundamental question you should always ask yourself is if something will make your body stronger or weaker- and if you know how to make this distinction, you are on your way to health. This is what I will teach you.

A program like this can change the face of health care, change the food industry, change how we think, how we relate to each other, how we age, how degenerative diseases manifest, how we experience our lives, how we re live our memories when we are older, make preventative medicine more important than western medicine.

It is powerful, it is important, it has never before been more relevant, and it will help you reclaim your responsibility over your own health so you can count on the most important person when it comes to feeling your best - yourself.

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By purchasing the Wellness By Helen online Wellness Program, you are making a commitment to yourself. Not to me, but to your own well being, to your own strength, to changing your mindset and evolving your intuition so you will always know what to do to balance your body.

It may challenge your way of thinking, it will definitely challenge the mainstream concepts out there, and it may make you a little uncomfortable if it goes against a habit you are already accustomed to. That is the point. To challenge everything and to help you develop a new way of fundamentally interacting with yourself so that you can understand your body better.

The thoughts, protocols, concepts and ideals presented in this program are a combination of ancient Ayurvedic Medicine wisdom, established Functional Medicine principles, my own opinions per my world view and experience with clients, and everything I have learned, experimented with and experienced over the last 18 years of wellness development. You are welcome to disagree, but you are encouraged to open your mind to a new and simpler way of viewing the human body, nature and nutrition.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have.

The format for the program is an online platform with a video series to follow along. Modules will be released every week for 1 month (4 modules total) discussing the wellness concepts I feel are the most important and building upon them as the weeks go. By the end of the month, you will understand which lifestyle shifts will most benefit you and which ones you should focus on to feel your most balanced. Try these shifts first, stick with them for awhile and see if your body irons out your discomforts on it’s own. Chances are that when you work to balance yourself, everything heals.

Participants of the program will receive a special fee reduction if they choose to book a consult with me after the the completion of the program.

For questions, feelings, inquiries or for more info, please email

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