Yellow Polka Dot Tote

Yellow Polka Dot Tote


Perfect for keeping in your car or carrying with you, this bag is the ideal shopping companion as it will fit seemingly unknown tucked away anywhere, and will fold out into a medium sized tote bag. The handles are very comfortable, and the bag is crafted to be extremely durable and hold a lot of weight.

This bag is made from a very soft slightly sheer Easter yellow silk textile. The polka dot detail has a soft velvety velour feel.

It is super lightweight and bendable when closed, so you wont even realize you are carrying it with you!

The case is a soft metal grey textile with a large turquoise zipper alongside a small dark magenta pocket convenient for storing coins, money, credit cards, an ID, etc.

The tote folds and zips up into a small wallet sized purse. 
16" in height and 17" wide.
1 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" by 5" wide when folded and zipped.


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Hand Washable.

My Wellness bags are available in multiple colors and textiles. They were inspired by the reusable shopping tote my grandma Noni used daily on her trips to the grocery store in her small village in Argentina. These bags are handmade with love and with every intention for you to fill them with nourishing foods for your family when grocery shopping, or for carrying your most important daily essentials. They form a part of a bigger concept that my Wellness company was founded upon- that we fill our minds, hearts, bellies, and our homes with only the things that bring us the most joy and the most substantial nutrition, both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to maintain balance in our lives.