Programs tailored specifically to you.


There is no one quite like you walking this earth and I don't believe in one program or treatment for everyone. I assess your body's constitution and type, take a detailed look at your nature, find the root cause of your imbalances and merge my recommendations with your specific needs and goals to create your roadmap to health, based entirely on you.

Your dietary recommendations / lifestyle adjustments / herbal formulations will all be unique to you and your health goals.


Feel Better.

Detox Your System.

Learn to Balance Naturally.



My programs begin with an initial consultation and extend into 3 - 6 - 12 month commitment depending on your needs, which gives your body the proper amount of time needed to adjust to your changes. It is also the minimum amount of time I need to work alongside you in order to fully teach you the basic principles surrounding your nature, so that you can learn to heal and balance yourself- which is my ultimate goal. I may recommend lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, suggest Ayurvedic treatments and / or send you home with herbs to take daily. How smoothly you return to balance depends on your openness to change and trust in your own journey into healing.


This is about YOU and your commitment to yourself.



Understand what determines your basic nature, body type, personality and predispositions.

Restore your natural sense of balance.

Learn how to organize yourself practically and effectively. 

Manage and reduce your cravings.

Increase your energy levels.

Learn about new foods specific for you and how you can easily incorporate them.


Detox your body, your beauty products and your home. 


Lower your stress and manage your anxiety.


Gain an understanding of herbs and how they can benefit you.

Improve your personal relationships.

Discover the confidence to create the life you want.

Manifest a lifestyle that best serves who you are. 



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Choose my 10 Step Wellness Program or come in for a single consultation.

My goal is the same: to get you feeling like your best self again with subtle lifestyle changes in the most practical and convenient way possible.



Initial 1.5 hr consultation : $120

Follow up consultation / Grocery Store Tour : 1 hr $85

Skype / FaceTime consultation : 1.5 hr $95

Follow up Skype / FaceTime Consultation: 1 hr $75

Home visit / Home detox / Fridge & Pantry Assessment : 2.5 hrs $225

In Clinic Abhyanga / Therapeutic Full Body Treatment : $160

In Clinic Nasya / Upper Body Treatment $35

In Clinic Kati Basti / Pain Management / Spot Support Treatment : $85

In Clinic Shirodhara Treatment [coming soon] : $150

Home Treatments : additional $75+



I am here to guide, support, encourage and empower you. 



A certain level of intimacy is created when you learn about yourself one-on-one with me. I create a setting of trust and openness during our time together where you can feel comfortable opening up and confident that your personal instruction will help you learn what you need to feel balanced and begin to heal yourself. I won't hold anything back from you either and will always tell you as I see it, which is always with your best interest in mind.


My intention is to improve your health, happiness, and sense of balance.