Wellness Made Simple.




Wellness is the compound effect of everything you do, every day.

You are healthy when your body runs efficiently.


These two concepts give us a starting point for your journey to great health.

Great health is an accomplishment. And it is easier to achieve when you have the proper support and experience of a practitioner who understands you, your bio individuality, your life story and everything that makes you, you.


Wellness as a Lifestyle.


How you nourish yourself on every level determines the quality of your life because being healthy is fundamentally a lifestyle, and not just a passing trend.


We are very powerful in influencing our own lives. Everything that we do affects who we are, how we feel, the clarity of our thoughts, the way we experience our lives, the amount of energy we enjoy and even the quality of our relationships. What we surround ourselves with matters greatly in our feeling of overall wellness and stability. The foundation of our health is established by the daily choices we make and your experience of wellness is essentially the compound effect of all of these choices we make, every single day. In today's day in age, with the amount of stress we endure and the declining quality of food available to us, to be considered healthy is actually a great accomplishment. 


It can all get a little overwhelming.


The best approach is one that is all inclusive, beginning with you and your unique health history. We are all made of the same stuff but are built a little differently, therefore needing different foods, tools and habits to keep us balanced. Understanding this is your first step in sifting through the world of contradicting health advice and figuring out what you need to do for your unique self.  Working alongside an experienced health practitioner can make this journey a little easier and from there, adding in healthier habits, food choices and different wellness tools to help restore balance becomes practical and convenient. Wellness should be simple, and it is with this philosophy that I can help you regain balance. 

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With years of study & practice, Helen combines her knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine, holistic healing, Functional Medicine, nutrition, herbolody & practical lifestyle tools to develop a wellness plan suited to you.

You are unique, and so should your wellness plan.

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Featuring proprietary Wellness Essentials made in small batches with honesty & intention, these all natural herbal products are formulated with Ayurvedic wisdom & Holistic alchemy. Choose from a variety of products to compliment your everyday wellness rituals. From teas, tinctures, herbal remedies, skincare solutions and spiritual balance, these products are made with integrity and only the best wishes for your wellbeing.



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Experience deep meditation, stimulate your body's natural healing response, balance your energies and experience deep relaxation with intuitive energy work.


Meet Helen


Everything you choose either makes you stronger or weaker.

Helen can teach you how to know the difference.


As an Ayurvedic Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioner, Helen specializes in making wellness simple. After her studies in India, she came home full all of an immense amount of incredible ancient wisdom and treatment protocols, excited to present them to the Western world and ambitious to make a real difference in the way we view health and wellness in the States. She quickly realized that we love the concept of "the magic pill" and that we want quick, painless results with the most minimal effort possible, which isn’s necessarily the best approach for lasting health. The ancient art of Ayurveda and finding balance naturally wasn't quite mainstream yet, so she started working on ways to translate this knowledge into practical lifestyle advice and convenient dietary principles that we westerners could easily adapt to but still see real results. Helen worked to blend these principles with other modalities in creating her own unique way of practicing wellness to guide you towards feeling the most balanced, with simplicity as the foundation. She work with her clients to address their imbalances from the root cause, guiding them towards making their systems efficient based on their genetics and tendencies, which is the most honest and responsible way to practice.


The Wellness Series


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Everything in your diet should support you feeling your best.

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide what exactly to choose to feel or look better when we are surrounded by information and conflicting online advice. The most valuable guidance I could offer you as a practitioner therefore isn't one that tells you what to do to become healthier, but instead teaches you how to interact with yourself differently on a fundamental level, so you can connect with your body and intuitively decide for yourself what your next healthy choice should be.

In order to truly feel your best, you first need to understand how your body works and most importantly, what makes it run efficiently.


The Wellness Series is a filmed course of my fundamental principles of health including everything you need to consider when making better choices, beginning with re-defining health itself. Choose one or watch them all, the Wellness Series is a compilation of modules each discussing a different topic in detail that can be appreciated in a single set or as a developing wellness program you discover at your own pace.

Launching soon


Where Healing Begins



Nothing matters if you're toxic.


This goes for everything, in every aspect of your life.

We tend to consider our nutrition first, as we should, but there are so many other aspects to toxicity we might not take into account and it all matters when we want to heal.

In order for your home to feel fresh again, you have to take some time to open the windows, dust the off the furniture and tidy up. In our bodies, this translates to everything running efficiently and in flow, beginning with your digestion. It's not so much what you eat, but what your body does with the food that matters. How you digest is one of the most important starting points when it comes to addressing your health, since your digestion is what transforms your food into nutrients and then into tissues. There can be a disconnect between what we are feeding ourselves and how our body is interpreting these foods however, and this misunderstanding within our own system if often times the cause of our discomforts and even dis-eases. We always want look at digestion first therefore, because as we strengthen this system, everything else runs more efficiently - and efficiency is the path to overall health. Starting with a clean slate internally means our bodies  are rested and realigned with enough energy to absorb nutrients to then re build our systems properly. This also means the energy will be available for the other aspects of your life that may need attention to, like your home environment, relationships, chemical load and so forth. A supervised detox tailored to you is recommended from time to time to re-align and re-connect your brain-gut axis and is the first step we take when we want to initiate a healing response in our bodies, but none of these harsh cleanses or extreme diets will get you there. Balance is always the key. This goes for the life detox part too.


Our bodies are perfect and are designed to heal themselves. Sometimes they need a little help, so it's a good idea to work with a professional who can guide you according to you and your unique constitution. Lifestyle adjustments, light detoxations, dietary changes and therapeutic treatments are a great way to reset and clear the channels. Sometimes all we need is a few adjustments here and there to start feeling great again, and other times we need a bit more help. We already have the answers within us, we simply have to learn to interpret our symptoms to figure out what our bodies need. This is actually quite simple and an extremely effective healing technique that has you feeling great long term, but it requires your commitment to yourself long term. And I am here for you every step of the way once you’r ready.