Wellness is the compound effect of every choice you make, every single day.

We are very powerful in influencing our own lives. Everything that we do affects who we are and how we feel. The foundation of our health is established by the daily choices we make, and real sense of wellness comes from a commitment you make to yourself, a choice you make every day that is for you and only you. It's not the big things that count in the long run, it's the little things that make the biggest impact when you add them up. 


How you nourish yourself - on every level - determines the quality of your life.


There are a lot of trends out there.

Should you go gluten-free? Should you do a juice cleanse? Should you join a cross fit gym? Should you up your cardio or lift more weights? Is kale better or are collard greens better? Should you eat them, juice them or blend them? Is Alkaline water healthier than coconut water? Should you eat dairy or go dairy-free? And what's up with meditation?


Wellness is a word that gets tossed around a lot. It's trendy, it's in and everyone is doing it.

There is an incredible shift happening in our communities. People are becoming more aware of their bodies, are paying attention to what they are eating and are starting to demand better quality products and food options. Wellness has become the newest obsession, and that's great! The better we all feel, the better the ripple we leave on each other an the more enchanting the impact we leave on this world.


But what does it all mean? What does being healthy actually mean?

The short answer: it means walking your own path, it means being aware of everything that goes into you and that surrounds you, it meants protecting your magic, it means being on your own tailored-for-you wellness journey, designed just for you.


New trends and health fads are popping up everyday claiming to be the next best thing and it can all be hard to decide what to do next, what to eat, what to try, who to follow, what to believe in, or even what beauty product to purchase.

Figuring out what is the right thing for YOU can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, there is already a complete system of healing available and the Wellness By Helen programs can teach you to navigate this confusing world of conflicting health advice so you know exactly what you should, or shouldn't be doing.

We must be aware that everything we do and everything we surround ourselves with matters [and that ultimately it all impacts our health, how we feel and how we experience our lives.]


Being “healthy” is not just what you ate for breakfast today, how many times you went to yoga this week, how many hours you spent at the gym, how many juice cleanses you have done or how many hours you mediated this month. It’s about who you are, how you show up in your life, how you feel at any given moment of the day, your relationships to others, your relationship to yourself, what you feed your body, how you nourish your spirit, how deeply you breathe, how much you smile, how much you give, the intention behind your thoughts and the efficiency with which your body converts all of this into nutrients.

Your overall wellness is your vibe, and your true wellness is found in your Ojas, or the essential glow you carry with you, that inner vitality reflective of your immune system. This is a foundation to build upon, not something you can jump into after doing a five day cleanse. It's something you cannot hide if you walk your own personal wellness path because it shows in every ounce of your being as the very expression of your soul's alignment with your purpose. It takes time, self love and a commitment to yourself as a lifestyle.


Remember this: our body must be in balance for us to experience health, vitality, energy and happiness. [ It's that simple. ] 





This includes what goes in you, what is around you, what comes out of you, what you surround yourself with and what finds its way into your life - the good, the bad and the ugly all matter when it comes to your health and all of it is considered when we look at finding your balance / restoring health / creating happiness / feeling great.

Your nutrition doesn't only apply to your food, it applies to everything that nourishes all of you - your mind, your body and your spirit. It's always about a balance. Proper nutrition and lifestyle allows this balance to flow but knowing how to find this balance is the key. 

This is something I can teach you.




Matter, Energy and Consciousness all interplay and are connected.

Why I love Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that translates to "the Science [or wisdom] of life." Since its origin five thousand of years ago, Ayurveda has had a continuous tradition of professional practice, research and education. It is the oldest and most complete system of healing and it respects the uniqueness of the individual, offering natural ways of treating disease, promoting health, preventing imbalances and reconnecting the mind / body / spirit.

We all live on this earth. We are a part of nature and are made up of its elements. As much as we don't think of ourselves in this way, we are subject to the laws of nature / biology / physics / chemistry / universal flow.

Nature is made up of the five cosmic elements [air / ether / fire / water / earth] as is everything else in the universe and as are we. This principle is one of the pillars of how we look at the human body in Ayurveda, because how these elements show up energetically and physically determines our Body Constitution / our Prakriti / our Nature. This is what makes you unique. Your nature determines your body type, the state of your health, your predispositions, what you look like and even your personality. Your nature also determines your tendencies to imbalance, so it tells us a lot about you and about why you may be feeling the way you are feeling.

Alongside dietary shifts that respect your nature, herbs, treatments and lifestyle principles, Ayurveda can guide us back into our own natural state of balance easily. My goal is to teach you about yourself so you can learn how to balance your own body on your own. The more you understand your nature, the more empowered you will be.


When our nature becomes imbalanced,

we experience discomfort and dis-ease.


The Wellness By Helen Programs take you through the 10 most important areas of your life. Everything is covered so you can find feel your best in the most natural, efficient and practical way possible. Every program is a little different and tailored specifically to you, but the end result is the same - a renewed, rejuvenated, restored, refreshed you.



Wellness By Helen's ideology uses lifestyle, nutritional, spiritual, and herbal principles to bring you back to your natural state of balance, calming any discomforts and allowing the body to heal.

Restoring your basic nature helps you to maintain a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance. Working with a practitioner helps you achieve harmony on a subtle level, establishes an appropriate life regime, helps you understand your tendencies to imbalance, guides you to a proper diet, assists with supporting herbs, and helps you coordinate the perfect exercise routine, the ideal location to live and work, your ideal relationship and adds a little more life to your living.

These principles are easy, simple, and I will teach them to you as part of your program.

Wellness should be celebrated, not dreaded.


My mission is to make wellness simple so that you can fully enjoy your life.



Ayurveda can be applied to manage a wide variety of aliments:


  • Weight Loss

  • Skin Sensitivities

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Endometriosis

  • Hair Loss

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Rosacea

  • Memory Loss

  • Depression

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Hyperacidity

  • Hypertension

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Athletic Injuries

  • Slow Digestion

  • Infertility

  • Good Stamina

  • Improper Diet

  • Pain

  • Indigestion

  • Bloating

  • Mental and Physical Fatigue

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Insomnia

  • Bad Breath or Body Odors

  • Asthma

  • Hives

  • Headaches or Migraines

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Recurrent Infections

  • Emotional Instability

  • Short Attention Span or ADD

  • Congestion

  • Constipation

  • High or Low Cholesterol

  • Sinus Problems

  • ...and so many more.

 You are unique.


One plan, one diet, nor one program will not work for everyone. Health needs to be tailored and specific to you, and Ayurveda gives us this method. The fact that it is the oldest system of healing known to man is incredible in and of itself, but its simplicity, integrity, whole-ness and gentle methods are what we love the most about this ancient science.  

Ayurveda will give you the path to understanding yourself more fully so that you can learn to listen to your body and heal yourself.

You are the ultimate healer, after all.